Where to buy what

Shopping Malls & Groceries

There are plenty of big shopping malls in Amman situated in the different parts of the town. You will find plenty of stores many of them with international brands and most of them host a big supermarket, mainly Carrefour or Cozmo, sometimes Safeway. My favorite malls are Taj Mall for its selection of shops and dining facilities. The outside food court is very nice. City mall, especially with Carrefour has the biggest selection of goods, however, the parking situation and traffic is sometimes difficult and waiting for elevators makes it difficult to relax (since we have a little child). Also, food quality of fresh food is not as good as in Centro, see below. Galleria Mall is nice as well, and Abdali Mall is great in summer, but still is not fully set up and a supermarket is missing, yet. But it is very quiet and relaxing and has some restaurants with a great view. Also here you won’t have to wait that long in the banks, in case you need to go to a teller. Baraka Mall is small and empty but has the best kids playland. Mecca Mall is quite large, but confusing and dark.

List of the biggest shopping malls and supermarkets in Amman

  • Safeway – 7th Circle & Shmesani
  • Cozmo – 7th Circle
  • C-Town – 7th Circle
  • City Mall/Carrefour
  • Taj Mall/Family Basket
  • Abdali Mall/C-Town
  • Galleria Mall/Carrefour
  • Baraka Mall
  • Avenue Mall/Carrefour
  • Mecca Mall/Miles Supermarket

Centro Supermarket – Our favorite Supermarket

Centro Supermarket on Medina Street provides the best grocery shopping experience in Amman. I feel it is the only place that gives you a relaxed shopping experience, with super friendly, kind staff, great food and a calm, clean, quiet environment nowhere else found in Amman. Vegetables and fruits are fresh and old stuff is thrown away. The bakery has great bread, cake, ma’ajenat, cookies and lots of other things. The meat and fish section is great. They have a good selection of fresh meat and some marinated foods. The cheese corner is also great. The staff knows what they are selling and this is the best advantage. The store is very clean, it is calm and there are always people to help. You can approach them in English and they are helpful. The garage is fine as well. Upstairs you can find some glass and porcelain, hygiene products and other stationery you might need. The selection is a bit smaller than in the hypermarkets, but we always find what we need.

The service, quality and knowledged staff, of course, has its price. However, Carrefour cannot compete in quality and service and Cozmo is also overpriced for since there is no service, so for me, Centro is worth it. Of course, you can also decide to buy a few things at Centro.


Also see a whole article on buying household goods after you moved in.

Hardware Store – Bashiti – if you need a drill, smoke detectors or a BBQ

If you need any hardware/appliances for bath, kitchen, tools, stuff for home, garden, garage or pets you will find it at Bashiti. It is a very large store with 4 stories and you find everything you need. There is staff to help and prices are reasonable. You will find Bashiti in several locations, one on Wasfi At-Tall Street between Waha Circle and Khalda Circle. They have a parking lot close by.


Photo Studio – Robina – for the ultimate family, wedding or passport picture

If you want decent photos, prints, enlargements of your own pictures or frames then Robina photo studio is the place to go. It is next to the 7th circle, close to the old Royal Jordanian and Jett Bus. They can make passport photos, family photos etc. or you can make prints of your digital pictures on all kinds of materials.


Stationary, Office Supplies – Istiklal Library

Istiklal Library with locations in Downtown, Shmesani, and Swefiah offers all you need for office or school. The store in Swefiah is huge and offers on three floors all kind of supplies such as paper, cards, pencils, folders, staplers, gift wrapping paper, kitchen staff, Christmas cards or anything else you can think of for work, school, painting, kids activities and so on. You will find a diverse collection and possibility to choose between different (international) brands for most of the products. The staff is helpful and the store is well organized.


If you are looking to buy furniture, electronic appliances or other hardware items, see my post on Buying household goods

Kids Stuff – Robins Shemsani

If you are looking for a good store to buy an infant car seat, a baby bed, a crib, toys or alike make sure to go to Robins in Shemsani. They are really helpful, know what they are selling and have a huge variety of products to choose from. You can find different brands for strollers, beds, walkers, baby beds, bottles, carries, toys, car seats and so on. Prices are at the upper end but you won’t find this huge selection of quality products anywhere else and they really try to explain you everything, take their time and don’t force any expensive product on you. We bought a stroller with infant car seat as a set and also a baby side bed and were really satisfied with the products we purchased. The facebook site links to a different location. The one in Shemsani is here https://goo.gl/maps/XhXJp8WXMZn


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