Where to go with Kids in Amman

This is for sure not a black and white perspective. Jordan has a very young population. Most of the families have probably 4-5 kids. However, I find Jordan not especially kid-friendly in terms of infrastructure.

Sure, even strangers will at all times approach your kid and adore him, hug him, kiss him, which is great. At the beginning that might be strange for you being from Europe, but I actually like it. Jordanians just purely love kids. Many times, we go shopping or visit a restaurant, somebody takes care of our son for a while, plays with him or gives him a high five. Mashallah.

On the other hand, there is no possibility to walk easily and safely on the street. Boardwalks are blocked with cars, trees, traffic lights, trash or do not exist or have huge steps of more than 40 centimeters, so it is impossible to navigate with a stroller or buggy. Elevators in malls will be occupied by lazy teenagers, who won’t take the escalators or take the stairs, other people will block it with their shopping trolley instead of taking the designated elevators for that. The streets are not really safe to play, there are not a lot of public areas, where kids can just safely play around, there is also not a lot of green spots in the city, and also no means of public transport in a way we are used to it, so you have to approach kids activities in a different way.

So let’s have a look at the places and options you do have, apart from the various play areas in the malls. While some of them certainly cost you money I want to point out some places and ideas that are less expensive or even for free. Our son is just 2 years old, so keep in mind that this post does by far not cover everything kids can do in Jordan. It is intended as an additional guide and inspiration. See the map on the bottom for precise locations.

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Amman Citadel – Outdoor

Even without kids, this is an attraction you can visit more than once. If you do have kids, you will enjoy the fact that they can work more freely than in the city. You can enjoy the views, nature, take some great pictures and forget the hassle of the city with its traffic for a while.

What: The Amman Citadel is a historical site at the center of downtown Amman, Jordan. Known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal’a, the L-shaped hill is one of the seven jabals that originally made up Amman.

Where: Amman Down Town up on the hill opposite of the Roman Theater

Costs: with Iqama 250 Fils, without Iqama 2 JD, Kids for free

Al Hussein Public Parks – Outdoor

You can walk through the park, let your kids play on or near the parking with some other kids. You might teach your kids here to ride a bicycle or play some soccer for example. It is a huge area, so there is enough place for everybody. If the weather is nice it is quite a popular spot among Jordanian families as it is for free and you can have a picnic, too.

What: Al Hussein Park is a public park in Amman, Jordan that continues to be under construction. The project attempts to create a landmark for the city by including a cultural village, sports fields, memorial …

Where: Near Dabouq, West of the main street between Khalda Circle and Medical City Circle.

Costs: Free, except for the museums

Al-Mororiyah Park – Outdoor

Al-Mororiyah Park features next to a playground and a small theater a kids traffic area, where they can drive around in small electric cars and practice “driving” and traffic rules. It looks like fun. I assume kids should be at least 4-5 years. The area is quite large so there is enough space. When the weather is good, a lot of parents seem to enjoy this place. The playground is average and not too clean, unfortunately.

What: A playground, a small outdoor theater and a traffic practicing car track

Where: In Khalda, close to the Holiday Inn

Costs: less than half JD

Titus at Playground

The Boulevard – Outdoor, mainly

We really like to go to the boulevard, especially because it is one of the few, if not only street in Amman, where only pedestrians are allowed. Unfortunately, even Wakalat street was opened to cars again. The boulevard reaches from Abdali Mall to the Rotana Hotel and spans over three levels as it elevates from one side to the other. There is plenty of cafes or restaurants that offer outside sitting and kids can walk freely without you having to worry about cars. Throughout the year there are events such as the Christmas market or a book market or other events for Spring or Summer. The big drawback, however, is again the bad infrastructure for strollers or buggies. There are no flat escalators and the elevators are hidden in the side of the buildings and every time you get to a new level through the elevator or coming from the parking, you are being checked again by security. Same applies even if you come from the Mall or just crossed the street etc.

Tipp: Enjoy some ice cream at Four Winters, see my post on Cake, Ice, and Sweets

What: Pedestrian Boulevard with shops and cafes. Lots of different events throughout the year.

Where: Abdali, next to Abdali Mall

Costs: Free, as long as there is no event and you don’t buy anything…

Books and More Library – Indoor

Books and More is a great library for the whole family but especially for kids they have thousands of books in English, Arabic and few in French and German On top they organize activities for children of all ages. For detailed info and an interview see my post.

What: A library with plenty of books and activities

Where: In Al Rawabi behind Mc Donalds near Pizzaiolo

Costs: Activities mainly for free. Reading books at the library is for free. Only if you want to take books home, you pay a small membership fee depending on the duration of commitment.

The Children’s museum – Outdoor and Indoor

Probably the most well-known activity for kids of all ages in Amman, the children’s museum definitively has to be on this list. For the very little, there is a closed play area, which is OK but smaller than the other play areas in the malls. For kids 3 years and up there is plenty to discover and interact with. Kids can experiment with their own weight, with sand and water, play at a shop, look into a prison, make music and so on. There is also a huge outside area, which is probably great in spring and summer. Unfortunately, as with many things in Jordan maintenance is not strong, so several activities are broken and need to be fixed. I really hope they would check this more regularly and do something about it.

What: The Children’s Museum Jordan is a children’s museum in Amman, Jordan. 150 interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits, an art studio, a library, a multipurpose hall, an outdoor theater, a restaurant with an adjunct party room and a gift shop. On standby are additional spaces with potential for development, such as the exhibit hall extension, a botanical garden annex or the special effects auditorium.

Where: Al Hussein Public Park between Dabouq and Khalda

Costs: Individuals 3 JD, Members free, closed on Tuesdays

Haya Cultural Center – Indoor & Outdoor

The Haya Cultural Center is a big area in the heart of Shemsani. There is a playground, a small traffic area for kids, a theater and plenty of rooms for indoor activities such as Arts, Music, Learning etc. We haven’t experienced any of the events, yet but it looks great. The outdoor playground is large and nice. The place and the games are maintained well and there is not a lot of garbage.

What: A Cultural Center including a playground, sports ground, rooms with indoor activities, a small fairground and a snack place.

Where: Shmesani

Costs: 2 JD per person, same for kids and adults

Tala Kids Club – Indoor

Tala Kids Club is a relatively new play area for toddlers and kids. So what is different here than from the other play areas. First of all, Baraka Mall is usually not so crowded, so it is not as full as in City Mall or Galleria Mall for example. There is much more light, which is really great so you don’t feel so depressed like in City Mall or Taj Mall. At last, it is newer, cleaner and also much quieter since there are no roller coasters around…. There is more staff and they are pretty friendly. The play area has a huge playing labyrinth, a ball pool, some trampolines and activities for infants/toddlers. Parents can sit at the tables, watch their small ones, or join them as well. There’s a snack and coffee vending machine as well. You might also bring some food or coffee from outside or downstairs from the cafe on the first floor. They also provide a party room where you can have a birthday party for your little ones. That is, however, a bit pricey.

Tipp: Call before you go to make sure there is no birthday celebration and you and your kids will return disappointed.

What: An indoor play area for toddlers and kids

Where: Second Floor, inside Baraka Mall in Swefiah

Costs: 6JD per hour, 10JD per 2 hours. There are further discounts if you pay for more hours in advance.

Zahran Park – Outdoor

What: A very simple park, botanic garden, where you can have a picnic, a walk or try to ride a bicycle Don’t expect something fancy

Where: Between 4th and 3rd circle, right off Zahran street, close to the Austrian Embassy

Costs: Free

Zaha Cultural Center – Indoor & Outdoor

Truly not the typical expat spot but it is quite OK. There is a huge playground both on rubber mats and sand outside. If the weather is good, the inflatable huge slide will be open. There is a small snack place and next to the playgrounds there are some rides for kids, which are relatively cheap. There is also a theater and sports ground and they offer activities and courses, which you might check out on their website.

What: A Cultural Center including a playground, sports ground, rooms with indoor activities, a small fairground and a snack place.

Where: Khalda

Costs: Playground for free, activities and rides are fairly cheap

What else?

If that all is not enough, just go out of your house and play in a quiet street

The map


10 Replies to “Where to go with Kids in Amman”

  1. Thanks for some of the ideas, we will definitely try them out. Our favourites include Yippee play area in Abdali Mall, Lily Gym (for toddlers) at the end of Mecca Street, and for parks we go to the Housing Bank park in Abdoun opposite Buffalo W&R, Deir Ghbar Park next to the French school and Diyar Park in Abdoun next to cozmo/coffee bean, I’m case they’re new to you!


    1. Housing Bank park was on my mind first but then I remembered I wrote a reallz bad google review so I decided to not include it in my list. It is really dirtz, sand is missing, once a swing was broken, cables seems to be coming out of the sand etc. But hey it is Amman and we have to cope with what is there…


  2. I would add Sports City Park, just north of Shmeisani, in which there is a large wooded area with paths. A lot of families bring their kids there to play, and it’s great for cycling.

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