Buying Household Goods in Amman

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You are settled in an apartment, you are familiar with the city and know how to navigate, now it is time to buy some household goods. While most foreigners seem to live in furnished apartments, the appliances and tools in the kitchen might vary a lot. Do you need a toaster, some towels, a buro chair, or other household items? Well, I have covered already a few places in my post Where to buy what. And yes, you can find all kinds of stores around the city and the occasional small shop around the corner that might have what you need but if you want a huge selection in one place and maybe some service, you might like to go to just make one stop at a time. You will find most of the stores mentioned below in the big malls.


Smart Buy

At Smart Buy you can find small and large electronic appliances from cell phones and SIM Cards over toasters and hair dryers to washing machines and water dispensers. There is a huge one at Cozmo/BHS near the airport raod/7th circle. They also have other branches at:

  • University St. Branch (Next to Agriculture Ministry)
  • Taj Mall Branch (Abdoun)
  • Mecca Street building number 252 (Khalda)
  • next to Cozmo, 7th circle


Although I am not a huge fan of Carrefour for their freshness they do have everything… So you will also find a carpet or TV, new headphones or garden chairs, a bicycle or kids’ toys there. Anyway, on the second floor, you will find a huge non-food section. And while they might not be super-specialized in all areas, at least they offer a large range of diverse goods from several different brands.

Virgin Mega Store

At Virgin Mega Store you will find small appliances next to books, PCs, cameras, and electronic accessories of all kinds. It is quite expensive but if you are aiming at well-known brands you will find them there. They have a store on the ground floor of City Mall and one on the outdoor floor of Taj Mall.


DNA is a pretty new store for small electronic items inside Taj Mall. They have mobile phones from the leading brands and also accessories such as headphones, power banks, batteries, and also some toys. You won’t find any large appliances here, though.


I really don’t like Mecca Mall too much but when it comes to hardware items and household stuff and you don’t wanna drive through all the city, it might actually be a good stop since you will find ACE Hardware Store, an American store that offers everything from screws and hammers over chimneys to garden staff and wall paint and Tati, a French store that offers a selection of clothes and kitchen tools, dishes, towels, etc. Also, there are some more furniture stores and places that sell bedsheets, etc.

Abdali Mall also has a Tati store and has a ZARA Home store as well. If you look for some deco items, glasses, boxes, and this kind of stuff, you might enjoy it.

In Galleria Mall, you will find TXON, a store similar to IKEA that offers a wide range of goods from the kitchen over the garden to candles and birthday decorations. It is quite large and offers a huge range. The goods they sell however do not seem to be of the greatest quality. Similar to IKEA you also have to make your way through the whole store until the checkout so they make sure you really see everything and they feature some animal figures in real life size so your kids don’t get bored.


I mentioned Bashiti already in another section and it is a really great place for anything from electricity adapters, over door handles, toilet seats, light bulbs, hammers, paint, BBQ skewers to pet items and these little things to make your kitchen kid-proof. The store is in Khalda and the staff is really knowledgeable and helpful. They also recently improved their kitchenware department, so you will find everything you need to cook.

A bit of everything


Finally, IKEA has a bit of everything and it is definitely worth a visit. If you are from Europe, you are probably familiar with IKEA’s concept, product range, and food store. However, you won’t find the cheap prices here in Jordan due to taxes and some perception of good quality, which I do not necessarily agree upon. If you have kids and your junior is 90 cm or larger, you can give them over to the staff in the Smaland, IKEA’s kids play area. The restaurant, however, does offer some nice lunch and desserts for an affordable price and you can enjoy a great view from there. Surprisingly, as never seen before in any IKEA I have been to before, it is a relatively empty and quiet place, which I really enjoy.

Also, see a post from Chelsea on IKEA Jordan and how they support the environment

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  1. Agree about Bashiti. I recommended that a friend go there for baby-proofing items for their house. They had a whole area for baby safety. My friend quickly found everything he needed. He said they also have tools and home appliances. Lots of options!

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