What to do with Kids in Amman – Part II

You might have seen my first post about Where to go with kids in Amman. Apparently, I really hit the bull’s eye with that post as many readers seem to enjoy it. So, since a while, I have been thinking about part II. However, I wanted to include some really interesting and useful tips and not just a boring follow up. Some places are for the whole family, so parents can enjoy their time, too, not just the kids. Not everything is in Amman but you might go a bit outside of the city for more adventures. So if you want to have a nice dinner with your family, go horse riding, climbing or look for a nice soft play area, read on.

See the updated map for precise locations on Google maps, also at the end of this article. Please keep in mind that our kids are still little and I am sure there might be other activities more suitable for older kids. Last but not least, there will be a third part… So stay tuned

Arabian Horse Club – Outdoor

The Arabian Horse Club, located about 15 minutes South of Amman is a great place for horse lovers. There are stalls, a horse jumping court, terraces where you can enjoy coffee and Shisha and, most importantly, you can let your kids go for a ride on a horse. Staff is very friendly and they have horses of all kinds of sizes. For kids of all ages and level (from zero to pro), there seems to be a horse. It took our son some time until he wanted to sit on a horse. We slowly introduced him to the animals, let him try to touch them and after some struggle, we put him on a horseback. Once he sat, he really enjoyed his time and seemed to be a proud knight.

What: Horse Stalls, with the possibility of horse riding and taking lessons
Where: Amman, just off Airport Road, next to The Dome and Jordan Speed Center
Costs: 20 Minutes Riding 10 JD, different packages for lessons


The Forest Park – Outdoor

This is a relatively new adventure/entertainment area located a bit North of Amman. We haven’t been there, yet but since I really wanted to mention it and I trust familyinjordan’s opinion on this, I thought I will link to their post right here.

What: Climbing, Zip Line, Horse Riding, Playgrounds and more
Where: 30 minutes North of Amman
Costs: depends on the packages, different activities

The Forest Park
Picture by family in Jordan

The Housing Bank Park/Garden – Outdoor

It seems my review on Google Maps of The Housing Bank park in Abdoun a year ago has been heard and taken seriously into consideration as it is currently under renovation and I trust it is gonna be much better than before. I explicitly haven’t included in my first post since I did not feel it is safe. However, with new constructions, renovation and the new sun sails for shadow (Which I suggested in my review), it really seems this can be the place to be for families with kids.

There is a huge garden with trees, grass, and some benches to sit on. They have a sea-saw, swings, slides and climbing landscapes etc. with the new sun sails you can be sure that your kids can play in the shadow. I think this is a really great plus to the renovated playground. The location right in the heart of Abdoun next to several restaurants and cafes like Buffalo Wings, Crumbz, Fitness First and Taj Mall make it a great choice for a family destination.

What: Outdoor Playground and Garden
Where: Abdoun, next to Buffolo Wings, 3 minutes from Taj Mall
Costs: for free


Mijana – Indoor & Outdoor

This is another one for the family. Mijana should actually be on my list of Arabic Restaurants as they serve good food and have a really nice location. The restaurant is located right off the rainbow street but is definitively worth checking out, with or without kids. It is not one of the cheesy establishments but a really nice spot with several floors, sitting corners and a nice hidden garden terrace where you can enjoy summer nights. They offer the typical Levant Cuisine from all kinds of Mezze, Mashawi and of course Argila/Shisha. So why is this place on this list? On the First level, there is a small play area with a ball bath and some swings where your kids can enjoy playing while you enjoy your food. Of course, it is not as large as the other soft play areas in the malls but at least it is one of the few restaurants that offer something like this (apart from the obvious fast food chains that we avoid). So if you want to have a family dinner while giving your kids a chance to play, Mijana is a good choice.

What: Arabic Restaurant with a play area for kids. Shisha available, no alcohol.
Where: Amman, off Rainbow Street
Costs: Depends what you order. Play area for kids for free.


Tal Alrumman Restaurant – Indoor & Outdoor

I posted already a very detailed article about the Tal Alrumman Restaurant North of Amman and I think it is worth pointing out that both without and with kids it is worth a visit. Be it for the food, be it for the view or be it for the kids-friendly environment with pools & playground, I can only recommend to go and give it a try. It is a 45-minute drive up north towards Jerash. They have a huge area featuring several possibilities of sitting indoors, outdoors and different terraces or by the before mentioned pool. Be aware that we have been asked to pay different prices for kids/adults sitting by the pool and the minimum age for paying guests varied depending on who we asked but in the end, it turned out to be around 12 JD per adult and kids for free below 3 years. So you can enjoy a day at the pool, eat from a vast collection of Arabic food and spend some quality time with your family. If that all is not enough, visit the furniture/deco store or take a ride on a buggy nearby at Badi 4X4 Adventures. @articjo

See the video here https://youtu.be/bSpQe3lAzNA

What: Tal Alrumman is a restaurant complex with a huge area, two souvenir/furniture/decoration store, pool area and playground
Where: 40-minute drive North of Amman right in the middle of Amman and Jerash, close to King Talal Dam.
Costs: Restaurant is similarly priced as in Amman but without the 10%service tax. If you want to sit at the pool it is 12JD per adult, kids are free/cheaper depending on age and who you ask…


V-Yard – Indoor

V-Yard is another play center which hosts kids and toddlers play area, some machines, and a neon light bowling alley, so there is something for all ages. It is located near Khalda Circle and pretty nice. The play area for kids is quite huge and parents can sit close by and enjoy some of the snacks such as freshly baked pizza. Staff was friendly and prices are similar to the other play areas. I personally just think it is a bit too loud and the lighting is a bit distracting, so that the whole experience is a bit exhausting, although I am sure your kids will have fun there.

What: Soft play area, Arcade games, Bowling
Where: Amman, Khalda
Costs: similar prices like other centers (I really cannot remember exactly)

Wild Jordan Center – Indoor & Outdoor

Wild Jordan Center is a nice combination of cafe, a restaurant that combines a Visitor Center and a family/student friendly place with a great view of Down Town and the Amman Citadel. You can inform yourself about the activities offered by Wild Jordan, browse the Nature shop, where they offer crafts and food created by local artists and they also have some meeting rooms. The good thing is, they have a dedicated family area, where you can sit and don’t have to worry to annoy anybody or get weird looks when your kids are a bit louder again. The balcony offers a great view and for the kids, they have some books, bean bags and toys.

Sometimes they host events for kids. Last time we attended some crafting event organized by The Orenda Tribe where the kids could create some Helloween monsters. The often organize events for kids where they can paint, draw, do some crafting or get some face painting. The earnings are for a good cause.

What: Restaurant, Cafe, Study, Place, Meeting Rooms, Visitor Center, Nature Shop
Where: Amman, just off Rainbow Street
Costs: Depends what you eat and drink, but price upper midrange. Activities depend on what it is.
Wild Jordan Center


Yippee – Indoor

Yippee is the soft play area for kids and toddlers in Abdali Mall with a view right at the boulevard. It is located a bit hidden on the food court near the golden M. The play area for kids is interesting and pretty clean, since relatively new but also a bit small. The sitting area for parents is also pretty cramped and I wish they would have given it all a bit more space. The prices for snacks and drinks are at the top with 3 JD for a juice and 1.5 JD for a banana, if I remember correctly. There is a small trampoline with transparent cover and some water beneath which is cool for small kids. Also, they seem to do the occasional dancing or other entertainment for kids. However, when we were there they didn’t pay much attention to our little one and again it was crowded, loud and not so enjoyable for parents.

What: Soft Play area
Where: Abdali Mall, Food Court Level
Costs: You have to pay for 3 hours and it is 13 JD. So the price per hour is not more than elsewhere but for our kids, 3 hours is too much anyway.

Last but not least, check out some events occurring in the city especially in summer, so you might have some more options for outdoor activities and also more affordable activities. Also, just explore nature, the sights and take your kids with you.


The map


7 Replies to “What to do with Kids in Amman – Part II”

  1. Thanks for this post very useful. I’m moving to Amman with my family in Feb 2019. How are the schools there. What is your recommendation?



    1. Dear Romana, my kids are not in school age, yet, so I don’t have any first hand experience with this. I recommend checking the expat Facebook groups regarding this issue.


  2. These are all great! We have visited Amman a few times and have been to a few of these places, but I am always looking for more! I would love info on which riding stable to take my kids to since I dont speak arabic. My 5 year old loves horses (and donkeys but we do not plan to visit Petra again, or Dana or Feynan where I have run into donkeys)


    1. Hi Lindsay, well there is the Arabian Horse Club mentioned above and there is another one on airport road called Alasayel Equestrian Club. I think you can do manage with English and just ask them if your kids can ride for some minutes or half an hour.


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