Mysteries of Shisha

Smoking Sheesha or Argeela has been much desirable in Jordan by both locals and expats. With no doubt, it gives a nice flavor for its smoker, and there are several flavors that are widely available such as Apple, Lemon, Spearmint, Grape, Strawberry, and others while the double apple flavor (usually called Tefahten) is the most popular one. Many people prefer to smoke sheesha outdoors, as it is prohibited at public places; cafes are usually the targeted places where you can also meet friends and share fresh cups of juice. Most cafes provide the shisha service where you can just order the shisha with the preferred flavor then an attendant will be available to check it with its coal instantly when needed. There are many popular sheesha providers in Amman such as Jafra, Tche Tche, Lemon, Azkadenya, Cafe Donner, and many other cafes or restaurants. I really advise with any which has a good reputation, good ventilation, comfortable seats, and calm style, it is preferred to check the rating and comments using Google Maps. However, keep in mind that smoking shisha can cause health issues.


Smoking Sheesha is deeply rooted within the Jordanian culture and apart from cafes, you can also find many stores where you can buy sheesha supplies for home. Not only can you get Sheeshas in all variations but also the heads, tobacco (m3Sal), the coal (fa7m), and all other kinds of accessories such as windshields or burners to heat the coal. The tobacco is also different, probably more original than what we have in Europe and it actually tastes much better than any Sheesha I have tried outside of Jordan.

Last but not least, there are also Sheesha delivery options such as Argeel Time. They come to your home and you can enjoy a prepared Sheesha for around 6 to 8 JD without leaving your home.



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