Locally Produced Food – Pt. II

For the second post in this series, I couldn’t have any more diverse products than the ones I am about to introduce to you. Again, the only thing in common, is probably that they are handmade by locals in Jordan and are all special in their own way. Discover three different brands of interesting food artists, be they healthy, sweet or even with alcohol. Make sure to check out the first post in this series.

Baker and Bloom

Baker and Bloom
Baker and Bloom

Baker and Bloom is founded by Rana Tahboub, who not only makes these pictured cookies but designs impressive cakes such as celebrations cakes, cheese cakes or tea cakes. I tried out some cookies and brownies and well, they are yummy. The ones with m&m’s are a bit too sweet for my taste but my kids seem to love it. For my wife and me, we enjoyed the brownies more with a nice tasty chocolate flavor.

However, when you have a look at Baker and Bloom’s instagram page, you probably will be blown away by the range and beauty of cakes she creates. They all look stunning and I assume they are tasty as well. You can see, that Rana is not just a hobby baker but a professional pastry chef putting all her knowledge and love into these cakes. Apart from the stunning look on the outside they com in various flavors such as Chocolate Nutella, chocolate dream cake, carrot with cream cheese frosting, lemon and vanilla cake, and strawberries and cream cake. The price depends on the size, filling and the complexity of the design of course. I guess need to try them, too soon.

Phone/WhatsApp: +962 79 560 4420

Thanks a lot to Rana for sweetening up our live.

On The Rocks – Alcohol Ice Cream

On The Rocks
On The Rocks – Alcohol Ice Cream

On The Rocks is really something special as their product is chemically or physically not supposed to be. As alcohol itself does not freeze, it is a challenging task to create alcoholic ice-cream, I have been told by Shireen Dabbas, the founder of On The Rocks. After going through several tests and some serious chemical engineering, she was able to create ice cream that contains alcohol. So far, there are three different flavors; Caramel Whiskey, Cherry Brandy and White Rum Mojito. I tried all different flavors and it was an interesting sensation. The Caramel Whiskey first gives you a sweet caramel taste and then leaving some more flavored whiskey taste in your mouth. The Mojito flavor is a perfect summer ice cream, fruity and yummy. It doesn’t taste too much like alcohol actually. The Cherry Brandy is an interesting flavor as well reminding of Mon Cherry Chocolates and could be enjoyed in winter as well.

On The Rocks - delivered in ice
On The Rocks – delivered in ice

On The Rocks ice cream comes in 200 gm servings (portion for two) and costs 5.5 JD per package. It is delivered in a Styrofoam box with ice to make sure it stays frozen. That actually works until you open it, as it starts to melt fairly quickly, I discovered. But that doesn’t have an impact on the taste. While summer is in full progress now, I can imagine it could be an interesting dessert to surprise your guests or loved ones with.

You can find the On The Rocks Ice Cream at Cozmo and some selected liquor stores across Amman, as well as in some hotels. Delivery within Amman is also an option. For More information and delivery options, please see below:

Phone/WhatsApp: +962 79 548 6297

A big shout out to Shireen for providing me with some samples on the house!

Saladicious.jo – Fresh, tasty, unique salads made in Amman

Summer Salad
Summer Salad

Saladicious is what its name foreshadows. Delicious salads. But not only that, there are many different types and also some not so common ones. Saladicious has been founded by Eman, a young, female entrepreneur who decided to bring healthy food in variations to Amman. Operating from Rabiah, Eman creates fresh, healthy salads. However, you won’t find the normal boring green salad, or the typical Greek salad or the Chicken Cesar Salad. No, Eman combines Rocco salad with walnuts, strawberries and goat cheese, topped with a nice balsamic dressing. Or you will find the Thai salad that has glass noodles in it and comes with a sweet Thai chili sauce. Other salads have a combination of greens, with pumpkin seeds, pears and grilled halloumi cheese. So each salad has some normal or popular ingredients and some not so typical ones such as Pomeli, grilled Eggplant and much more.

Everything is prepared fresh and can be ordered for the date of your choice. There are two sizes. Small ones cost 3 JD, large ones 4 JD, except the special salads which cost 5 JD. Upon an order of 12 JD or more, delivery within Amman is free.  When you order more than one salad, they are numbered as well as the corresponding dressings, so you know what belongs together. Our family tried the Thai salad, Pomeli salad, Rocco salad, Groats salad, the Quinea salad and recently the new Summer Salad. Each salad was unique, fresh, looked great and most of all was tasty. It was nice to taste some refreshing new recipes and experience that salads can be anything but boring. If there is one thing to be improved, I think the dressings could be less sweet and more healthy maybe.

Anyway, I will order some more in the future for sure. If you would like to try Saladicous.jo salads, make sure to check out their Info below

Phone/WhatsApp: +962 79 908 9987
Menu on Instagram

I would like to thank Eman for providing me with a selection of fresh salads!


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