Spaceulous – Unique Ceramics made in Jordan

Spaceulous is an Amman based shop creating ceramics and other home decor featuring unique designs by young architect Aya Bataineh. I have been following on Instagram for a while and finally I visited her showroom last week to get a first hand impression on their products and work. Although, Aya sells her products mainly online, she has a small showroom, where also all the work is created. What is unique about the products are not just the interesting designs, but also that they are hand painted by deaf people and only non-toxic, non-lead and non-erasable colors.

Most of the products are common dishware such as plates, mugs, cups, bowls but you will also find of course finjan for tea or Arabian coffee and some special items such as larger bowls, storing containers or water bottles. All of the items have a fresh design and come in powerful colors. Aya likes to show contrasts between Cactus and Pomegranate or Palm Trees and Water such as in the collection I chose.

If you are looking for some unique gifts from and made in Jordan, consider Spaceulous. They have wonderful products with beautiful designs and you support deaf workers as well. If you are interested in the products, check out their Instagram profile and get directly in contact with Aya through below mentioned contact details, as there might not always be somebody in the showroom.

For more information on Spaceulous, see below.

Contact details:
Mobile: +962 79 666 2277

Location: Al Jandawil, not too fara from Sha’ab Circle

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