Work with me

I love traveling and exploring new places, be it nature, adventure, a family destination or a great restaurant or bar. If you would like to get more exposure for your establishment and reach out to international tourists and expats living in Jordan and Amman, I can support you. I love photography and writing about new discoveries. I can offer you stories in text and image or even video. I share my encounters on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss how we can collaborate together to support your organization. I have already worked with several businesses from many diverse sectors be it tourism, kids entertainment, software, restaurants, bars, handicrafts among others. I have published blog articles for the Jordan Trail Association, Aroundtown App, Crown Plaza, Petra Beer, Cycling Jordan, Experience Jordan, WashyWash, Basket.Jo, Cinco de Mayo – InterContinental, VEER – Resto Lounge at 3rd circle, MIST Pub, Lucca Steak House, Bibim Restaurant, Kegs – House of Ale and many others.

If you are a foreigner, expat or student living in Jordan and you want to contribute with a guest post like many others have done already, get in touch with me. I am always excited to hear other people’s stories and my followers like it, too.