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First of all, I love traveling and exploring new places. This can be a natural site, an adventure, a family destination, or a great restaurant or bar. Maybe you would like to get more exposure for your establishment and reach out to international visitors or expats living in Jordan and Amman? Then, reach out and let’s explore how you can work with me. Capturing my experiences in words and pictures is my passion. Furthermore, I share my encounters on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, so can discuss how we can collaborate to support your organization or business. Previously, I have worked with several businesses from many diverse sectors be it tourism, kids entertainment, software & apps, restaurants, bars, and handicrafts among others. I worked with both small businesses and well-known international brands. Below you can see a selection of the organization and persons I have worked with. Additionally, If you like to know more about me, see an introduction About Me.

Travel, Hiking, and Outdoor Experiences:

Family-friendly places and kids activities

Gastronomy & Hotels

Apps and Digital Solutions for Jordan

Local Artists and Stores

Your contribution to my blog

If you are a foreigner, expat, or student living in Jordan and you want to contribute with a guest post like many others have done already, get in touch with me. I am always excited to hear other people’s stories and my readers like it, too. These posts can boost traffic to your site and are always welcome.

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