Hot Air Balloon Flight over Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a magical place and one of the most beautiful spots in Jordan, if not the world. I always dreamed of flying in a Hot Air Balloon over Wadi Rum. Despite staying overnight and enjoying the calm desert, you can enjoy many activities in Wadi Rum. In my previous article on Wadi Rum I already covered the stay at a Bedouin camp and some of the more usual activities. That includes Jeep tours, camel rides, or hiking. Last month we stayed a few days in Aqaba. We then got the chance to have a fully packed day of activities in Wadi Rum organized by Aqaba Tourism. Finally, my dream of a balloon flight became true. We started a wonderful day with one of the most beautiful and magical activities all over Jordan. You should definitively consider a flight, if you are traveling or residing in Jordan.

Preparing the Balloon for the Flight

We got up very early to embark on the hot air balloon flight over Wadi Rum. Around sunrise, the balloon was unpacked and filled with air. Slowly we watched the balloon growing. After that hot air was added and the basket slowly tilts until it stood upright with the balloon above. Then the passengers entered to keep the basket on the ground. Once everyone is on board, the flight can take off.

Flying the Hot Air Balloon over Wadi Rum

Very quickly you will be up in the air and have majestic views of the desert. The wind carries you and determines the direction of the balloon. The Captain can only control the altitude with the fire and some flaps that can be opened. Firing the gas is loud. However, when you are just gliding above the rocky formations of Wadi Rum, you can enjoy the calm desert. Depending on the day you might spot some other aerial sports participants such as paramotor gliders.

Moreover, we were lucky to get some pictures taken of our balloon and I also took some nice pictures of the paramotor glider up in the air. The flight duration of the hot air balloon flight over Wadi Rum is around 1 hour and is a really enjoyable experience. I have been to Wadi Rum several times before, but never had the bird’s eye view. Overall it was really interesting to see the rock formations from above and to realize how huge the area is. As the balloon is flying pretty slowly you only cover a small part of the reserve. Nevertheless, you can see very far with blue skies and probably spot some mountains in Saudi Arabia.

Further Information on the Hot Air Balloon in Wadi Rum

The big basket can carry up to 12 passengers. Captain Khaled and his team are very experienced and professional. Above all, I felt safe at all times. The flights take off quite often but are of course subject to the weather conditions. You can arrange the flight directly with Rum Balloon and meet them depending on if you stay in Wadi Rum or come from Aqaba for example. For more information, prices and how to book please refer to the Facebook Page of the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan and the Facebook Page of Rum Balloon.

Rum Balloon

Guided Tour from 3rd parties

If you would like to explore more tours in Wadi Rum and around, have a look at the below listed offers. There is a lot of activities and places to discover.

Where to stay in Wadi Rum

Finally, if you enjoyed this article and are thinking of visiting Wadi Rum, see the map below for accommodation. Also, please read my other detailed article on Wadi Rum.

I would like to thank Aqaba Tourism for making this possible and taking us on an incredible day within Wadi Rum. Make sure to check out their website for other interesting activities in the Aqaba Govenorate. Many thanks also to for the photos of the Hot Air Balloon Flight from the air.

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