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Arabic or Levantine Food

Amman is the capital of Jordan, right at the center of the Levant. Jordan shares many of its typical foods with Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq to some extent. Besides the many traditionally places offering typical Arabic food in Amman, there are plenty of restaurants that have an international menu. If you are looking for the best places to eat in Amman, continue to read. 

Arabs love food and gatherings. Typically, if you are invited to a family, there will not just be one dish. No, there will be three to five main dishes, and of course, you have to try them all. Arabic cuisine has so many great dishes to offer. From Starters (Mezze) over BBQ (Mashawi) to nice Sweets such as Kunafeh, Baklawa, and other treats. Food of course comes with Drinks and Jordanians love their Tea and Coffe and in summer you must try Lemon Juice with Mint.

Where to Eat in Amman and Around

There is a diverse range of restaurants and cafes in Amman. They offer anything from excellent Arabic food to International Cuisine, Cakes, Sushi, Pizza, or whatever you can imagine. Many of the places are just scattered around town, some of them located in a mall or in the hotels of Amman. You will find a few gems in Downtown Amman but also many great restaurants just anywhere in the city. In Amman, decent food comes at all price ranges from ridiculously cheap to in-affordable. If I whet your appetite a little bit, feel free to explore my posts about Arabic Restaurants, Drinks, Bakeries or Cake, Sweets & Ice in Amman. If you want to browse through them, see what about all my restaurant reviews in Delicacies.

Where to eat if you live in Amman

If you are an expat living in Amman and looking for new recommendations then be assured, that will be pretty much a restaurant for any cuisine in Amman. Apart from the obvious local restaurants, you will find Iraqi, Korean, Indian, or Japanese. You can find steak houses, Sushi, Pizza, Vegan, Burger, Healthy, and much more. If you can’t bother to leave the home, then just order your food online through one of The Best Apps in Jordan.


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