Hiking Wadi Karak with “Have a Hike”

Wadi Kerak, Wadi Karak

Friday 13th I joined an international group of 13 hikers to explore the Wadi Karak. The Wadi is located about a 1.5-hour drive with a bus from Amman. It is near the Southern end of the Dead Sea. A bit further on the Dead Sea Highway you can find Wadi Assal, Wadi Numeira and Wadi …

An American in Jordan

Thanks much to Chelsea, a pet-loving, environmentally-friendly vegan from California who lives in Amman, writes about various topics such as health, environment, activism, and culture and of course food on her blog myammanlife.com/. See here her favorites in Amman, things she misses, and what you definitively need to know about living in Jordan as an …

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