A Japanese in Jordan

Yoko and her family on a 4x4 car back smiling somewhere in Wadi Rum surrounded by tall rocks and nearby there is a tent

Yoko is originally from Japan and currently living in Amman since summer 2018 with her Egyptian-American husband and two children. Here in Jordan, she is pursuing her passion for writing, music, nature education, and interacting with children, while focusing on her family. She recently founded a blog site Your Parentology covering parenting, wellness, news, travel, …

A Spaniard in Jordan

Thanks so much to Marina, a world traveler, Barcelona football supporter, and vegetarian from Catalonia who is currently living in Amman. Along with this article, she is facing various topics such as food, cultural differences, and environmental dislikes. Read about her favorites in Amman, things she misses, and what you definitively need to know about …

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