Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Experience Wildlife in Jordan

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is the oldest Nature Reserve in Jordan. It is one of the currently seven nature reserves in Jordan. It is managed by the RSCN who also is in charge of Ajloun, Dana, Azraq and others. Every nature reserve has its own unique flora and fauna. The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is famous for its Oryx Antelope. The Oryx is home in parts of East Africa and Middle East. The Arabian Oryx was nearly extinct and the reintroduced in several countries. The population in the wild is very low with only 1000 animals. Therefore, many live in different nature reserves such as in Jordan.

Jeep Tour through Shaumari Reserve

In Shaumari Reserve you can opt for a Jeep or Bicycle tour. I recommend to book in advance with Wild Jordan in order to not be disappointed. You cannot just enter the reserve on your own and you must buy tickets. As resident you get a discount. With our family we decided for the long Jeep tour. The tour lasts for about two hours and you get several chances to observe the Oryx. Most of them where close to the Visitor Center and Entrance of the reserve, as they get food there as well. However, even deep inside the reserve we came across animals. Our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and truly cares about the wildlife and plants in the reserve. He took enough time, was flexible to stop whenever we wanted and explained everything with enthusiasm. Wild Jordan provided us with binoculars and water.

Close to the end of the tour we sat down in a shed for tea. Our guide provided more information on the reserve and the Oryx. Due to the temperatures you should avoid the very hot summer months. Ideal visiting time is February to May and September to November. Then, you also have a chance to watch migrating birds who stopover in Jordan. We had lovely weather mid of September and it is also a great family activity. Next to the entrance is a playground as well.

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