Bakeries in Amman

Here is a list of my favorite bakeries in Amman. Some of them are traditional as Sufra Bakery in Swefiah, some more experimental such as Foronex or Boutique Bakery and some international (German Bakery, Crumz) as well as a mix of local and international offers (Bakery at Centro Supermarket). I do really like the local bread, be it Esh, Khubz or Iraqi Samoun. But from time to time it is nice to get some good Croissants, a dark German bread or some nice Baguette. So have a look at the selection of bakeries below.

Al Sufara Bakery

Very good bakery with a fresh, local and diverse offer from normal bread over tea biscuits to a cake. You will find everything here and it is fresh and at a very reasonable price.

Al Rabat Sweet & Bakery

A nice small Iraqi bakery that offers Iraqi bread and sweets. If you look for Kahil you will find it here, too.

Bakery in Centro

The bakery at Centro supermarket is really great. They have tasty Ma’ajenat, Croissants, bread and other special items. Unfortunately, it is really expensive as most food at Centro, especially the cake. But they bake fresh on a daily base it seems.

Boutique Bakery

The Boutique Bakery recently relocated to the French Institute, which is also the only drawback as you have to pass security to buy bread. However, they have a nice collection of bread, baguettes, Croissants, and some nice cakes as well.


Crumz is actually more than just a bakery. It is a nice cafe, breakfast place with locations in Abdoun, Dabouq and at the airport. They have a diverse selection of bread, bread rolls, cookies, cakes, croissants, burger buns etc… The location in Abdoun is very relaxed. Especially on a Friday, it is a great place to start the day. Staff is friendly and welcoming as well.

Crumz Business Card

Foron Rex

This small little bakery in Swefiah serves a nice small selection of some great bread, puffs or other items which change from time to time. The team of owners cares with dedication for good quality and it is a pleasure to buy from there. However, it is pretty small but nice. I’m surprised they didn’t locate themselves in Webdeh.

Foron Rex Business Card

Also, see a nice story about the man behind the bakery – Kareem – on Amman Review

German Bakery

The German bakery is located downstairs next to the parking in Baraka Mall. It is a very small bakery offering some typical German bread, Broetchen or even Brezels sometimes. It is fresh and tasty.

Here is the map with the location of the bakeries

Finally, see a nice post from Chelsea about bread in Jordan


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