Zambak – Turkish Restaurant

Zambak is a Turkish restaurant on the outskirts of Amman, right next to airport road. Going through the entrance area you will enter the main hall. Behind that they have a Wintergarten and everything is nicely decorated with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. They have gas heaters for cold days and the terrace was just prepared so I assume it will open soon, once it is a bit warmer. I liked the open space and it doesn’t feel cramped and is also not too big. Just the music could be a bit quieter.

The food is somehow similar to the Arabic cuisine but has its own touch and nice variations. You will find different kind of cold and hot starters and mezze as well as salads. They have typical Turkish dishes such as different styles of Kabab, but also Clay Pot dishes, Meat from the Grill or Filets. Despite the diverse main dishes you can have deserts and Shisha as well.

As appetizers we tried the shrimp kunafeh which were marinated in a spicy sauce based on fresh pepper, a beetroot salad, and the Zambak salad, which had soja, chicoree, goat cheese, walnuts, champignon as well as cocktail tomatoes and a refreshing dressing. Freshly baked bread is provided with the food, which was really great. For drinks we had ayran, the Turkish version of shaneena and lemon with mint. The shrimps in the pepper sauce are really great, the combination of seafood with the kunafeh in spicy marinate was excellent. The Zambak salad was also beyond expectation and something I haven’t had before. A welcoming variety of salad.

As main dishes we ordered lamb fillet and two clay pot dishes, one with lamb, one with chicken. The lamb fillet comes with bread soaked in butter and rocco leaves. It is really tasty and a nice mix of flavors. The two clay pot dishes came to the table with fire around them. They were then being opened and poured into plates ensuring a hot dish. The clay pot dishes had vegetables such as bell peppers, onions and garlic as side and were both very yummy.

All in all, Zambak Turkish Cuisine was a great experience. From welcoming and friendly staff over a nice location with several different sitting options to excellent food that is presented in a modern and attractive way and was cooked to perfection. If you will check it out, you have to try the Shrimp Kunafeh, the Hummus Pastrami and the Lamb Filet, these were my favorites.

I would like to thank Zambak Restaurant very much for inviting me with my family. Looking forward to visit again soon. For more info see below.

Shisha: Yes
Alcohol: No
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Location: on West Service Road, right next to Airport Road. After 15-20 mins on the right side when driving out of Amman

For more info see their
Facebook Page

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Kherbat as-Souk, Amman, Jordanien

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