Wadi Mujib with Wild Jordan

Last Tuesday, I finally made it to Wadi Mujib with Wild Jordan. It is the 4th Wadi located at the Dead Sea that I visited. I know it is the most famous one, but I haven’t managed it before to take this hike. And let me assure you, while the other Wadis such as Wadi Kerak, Wadi Numeira, Wadi Assal or Wadi Al-Hasa, are more of an easy walk, Wadi Mujib is a challenge. Every month Wild Jordan organizes daily tours or overnight trips to the lodges and attractions around Jordan’s Nature Reserves. The Mujib Reserve is one of currently eight reserves in Jordan protected and administrated by the RSCN (Royal Society of Nature Conversation), with more to come.

The Trip started with meeting at the Wild Jordan Center, just off Rainbow Street early morning. We got some sandwiches, an apple, and juice for breakfast, which was yummy. But opposed to what I expected it was takeaway food rather than breakfast at the Wild Jordan Center, which is really nice and from where you can enjoy an excellent view over Down Town and the Amman Citadel. The Bus left around 9 and close to 11 we arrived at the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center. From there, all activities and trails start, including the Siq Trail. Siq (Arabic) means gorge or canyon, and basically, you walk, or in that case also swim, your way through the Mujib Canyon with high rock walls surrounding you.

Wadi Mujib - Gorge

At the adventure center, we stored all our belongings as you really shouldn’t take anything as you will get wet and have to swim, even in parts where your feet won’t touch the ground! Did I mention you need to be 18, despite that you need to know how to swim? For that reason, better leave everything you don’t need at home. Even a hat you will probably lose. I brought my sunglasses as I have a ribbon, but most of the way is covered in shadow, so actually no need for glasses and hat. Only take swim clothes, clothes to change and a waterproof cam if you have. The waterproof pouches actually require to be rented for 10 JD. Would have been great if one was provided for the group. However, I took my GoPro with a waterproof case to be able to take some pictures and videos. But first, you put on your life jacket and then you are ready to go.

The Wadi itself is similar to others in a way that it is wide at the beginning of your walk (which is the end of the Wadi), as the water flows downstream towards the Dead Sea. It then usually gets narrower and narrower the deeper you go. Depending on which Wadi, the length, and size might differ. The Siq Trail at Mujib is relatively short but filled with plenty of obstacles. Although we were a group of about 15 people, you can go at your own pace as there is only one way and it ends at a waterfall, where you basically return and go the same way back. It is good, however, to have some guidance and someone who knows where to step and where to hold on as in some spots it is quite difficult to know how to overcome a certain ladder or stone and to ensure you don’t slip.

After about 1.5 hour you reach the final waterfall, which is the end of the trail. You can rest a while and then make your way back. It was really exhausting but a lot of fun. The way back is a bit easier as you go with the current and not against and sometimes you just might flow in the water. In a few spots you can even slide down with care. The Wadi is usually only open during April to End of October due to safety reasons. I also suggest to check be careful and check weather conditions, if you intend to go hiking in any location as huge sudden water masses can be extremely dangerous and can cause mud slides.

After returning to the adventure center, we just dried ourselves, hanged clothes and got ready for an organized lunch at the Mujib Chalets. The Mujib Chalets are located right across the parking spot near the adventure center. Accommodation is provided in small clay huts right at the Dead Sea. You can book it through Wild Jordan. We had a nice lunch with Chicken, Meatballs, Vegetables as well as Mezze and Salad. This was a great, yummy way to fill up the energy level before returning to Amman.

I would like to thank Wild Jordan for offering the opportunity to join this trip.

Location Wild Jordan Center: near Rainbow Street, https://goo.gl/maps/7FtXJmqzRXTmJ6FJ9

Location of the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center: at the Dead Sea after the hotel area https://goo.gl/maps/GYg6trQs6Tbp9Zwt6

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Wadi al Mujib, Jordan

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