Other Blogs about Amman/Jordan worth reading


And Far Away – Roba Al-Assi writes since 2004 about life in Amman and Jordan, being Jordanian herself but growing up outside of the Kingdom.


BeAmman – a large local blog about Amman – latest artice July 2016

The Cuisine Collective
The Cuisine Collective

The Cuisine Collective are Aleksandra from Poland and Michael from Ireland living in Amman and posting about their cooking, dining and food shopping experiences. If you are hungry, you should visit their blog. You will either find a nice recipe or an excellent location where to grab a bite.


The Desert Olives – Jeremy and Kelly from Colorado living in Jordan since 2011 with their sons. They blog about their interesting family live in Jordan.

The Elephant Soul
The Elephant Soul

The Elephant Soul – is Diana living in Amman who loves and cares for elephants, and writes about expat life in general and explores things like female entrepreneurs in Amman.

myammanlife.com Screenshot

My Amman Life – Chelsea from California has lived away from home for many years and gives a perspective on Jordan from many different angles such as a Vegetarian, a pet lover or somebody who cares about the environment. She lived in Jordan for some months in 2017 and 2018.


My Life in Amman – Anastasia, a marketing specialist living in Amman, Jordan. Trying to study Italian and Arabic. Interested in local restaurants and events. Last article August 2018

Mummy in Amman Screenshot
Mummy in Amman Screenshot

Mummy in Amman by Rachel desaintpern is a Blog of a British expat or immigrant married to a Jordanian with one son and another one soon to come. She blogs about life in Amman, the Arabic cuisine, the difficulties of learning Arabic and of course being a mom in the middle East.

Sleeplessinamman Screenshot

Sleepless in Amman – Lara offers a local view on places, culture, food, and motherhood in Jordan. As a journalist, she has long-time experience in writing and combined her several articles into a single blog from 2010 onward. Latest article from August 2017.


Sunglassessuggested.com – Since 2016 in Amman, Sabrina from Austria suggests to wear sunglasses, while you join her on a journey through sand, food, beaches, city life and exploring new countries. In 2018 Sabrina lived in Malta, as of 2019 nearby in Cyprus.


Trijordan – Rashed Naber is a professional sportsman doing triathlon, cycling and discovering his own country via outdoor activities. – active

Screenshot (5)Une Familie en Jordanie or Family in Jordan, is a blog of a French family with 3 kids living in Jordan since late 2017. They post both in French and English about life and culture in Jordan, traveling the country and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or mountainbiking. – active

Your Parentology Screenshot

Your Parentology is a blog by Yoko, a Japanese woman, married to an Egyptian-American. residing in Amman since 2018 and writing about parenthood, the beauty of Jordan and life in the Middle East.

Your Parentology Screenshot

wanderingcircles Screenshot

Wandering Circles – Catrina from California and her husband from Oregon settled in Jordan late 2015 and write on the expat life in Amman and beyond. – active

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