The Most Useful Apps in Jordan

Last year I covered already a few apps that help to make your life a bit easier in Jordan. Since then, a few of them got updated and also new ones popped-up and I gave some of them a try. So over the next weeks or so, I intend to cover some more reviews and let you know what they can, and what not. With this post I intend to make a list of the ones that are worth listing. The selection is not meant to be exhaustive and is based on my personal experience, a look at the reviews and if I think they are necessary or not from a point of view from an expat. While I think that some of them are really useful, not all of them are a must-have and most of them are not perfect, but it seems they are working hard on improving their services as a lot of times I got contacted by their customer service and was asked for my experience or if I need help. The following list of Apps or Websites is in alphabetical order and I will try to cover all of them with a review, if I haven’t so far. If you have any additions to the list, are an app developer or have some feedback, please get in contact.

Aoun – 3oun

an App for maintenance, cleaning personal and repair services. Aoun connects you to a wide network of professionals who bid on your request. You can then choose the provider of your choice who will come to your home to solve the issue. Be it for your AC, plumbing or satellite dish – Aoun is your choice.

Aoun Screenshot
Aoun Screenshot

Aoun Website
Aoun on Instagram
Aoun on Facebook
Aoun on Twitter
Aoun on YouTube
Aoun on Google Play
Aoun on App Store


an App to discover what’s going on in Jordan. You are on the lookout for a new restaurant or bar, you want to discover the latest promotions or find outdoor adventures in Jordan? – Then aroundtown is for you.

Aroundtwon Screenshot
aroundtown Screenshot

Aroundtown Website
Aroundtown Facebook
Aroundtown on Google Play
Aroundtown on App Store


an App for Grocery Delivery in Amman. Currently, you can buy at Carrefour, Cozmo, Crumz, T-Bone and Cheese among some other stores. You can order for same as in-store prices and get your order delivered to your door step. A minimum order of 5 JD is required and small delivery fee of 3.99 JD per store you buy from is added to your bill.

Basket Screenshot
Basket Screenshot

Basket Website
Basket on Facebook
Basket on Instagram
Basket on YouTube
Basket on Play Store
Basket on AppStore


an App for Home-cooked delicacies delivered to your table. Bilforon means literally in the oven. If you are up to try some home-cooked traditional or international dishes for a reasonable price to be delivered to your door, then Bilforon is for you.

Bilforon Screenshot
Bilforon Screenshot

Bilforon Website (English / Arabic)
Bilforon on Facebook
Bilforon on Instagram
Bilforon on AppStore
Bilforon on Google Play


an App for transferring, sending, receiving money and paying your bills – without the need of a bank account.

Dinarak Screenshot
Dinarak Screenshot

Dinarak Website
Dinarak Facebook
Dinarak Twitter
Dinarak Instragram
Dinarak on Google Play
Dinarak on App Store


is an App if you need a handyman for AC, windows, garden, electricity or anything else that needs maintenance or to be fixed. You can make a request within one of the many categories. You will receive a quotation within 30 minutes and can then choose the provider of your choice.

FixpertApp Screenshot
FixpertApp Screenshot


an app for ordering Gas  Bottles online.

Gasable Screenshot
Gasable Screenshot

Gasable Website
Gasable on Facebook
Gasable on Instagram
Gasable on App Store
Gasable on Play Store

Get Spiritz

an App for Drink Delivery. This includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is easy, fast and our drinks come in a Styrofoam cooler box (that you can return/exchange), so your drinks are already cool on arrival. Each day there are different offers, such as discounts, loyalty points, lower delivery threshold or similar. If you don’t want to run dry, give Get Spiritz a try.

Get Spiritz Screenshot
Get Spiritz Screenshot

Get Spiritz Website
Get Spiritz on Facebook
Get Spiritz on Instagram
Get Spiritz on YouTube
Get Spiritz on Play Store


an App for Maintenance and Repairs. As opposed to other apps, Sahel claims to have their own specialists hired who work for them. They work 7 days a week from 9 am to 10 pm. Even on holidays they have a hotline for emergencies.

Sahel App Screenshot

Sahel Website
Sahel on Facebook
Sahel on Instagram
Sahel on Play Store


an App for ordering food online. No matter, if you are craving some pizza, sushi, Indian, Italian or Shawerma from your favorite place around the corner, Talabat has got you covered. The app is easy to use, covers hundreds of restaurants across Amman and allows credit card payment or cash payment. See below for more information.

Screenshot (42).png

Talabat Jordan Website
Talabat Jordan on Facebook
Talabat Jordan on Instagram
Talabat on YouTube
Talabat on Play Store
Talabat on AppStore


an App for eco-friendly Dry-cleaning Service. If you want your clothes get cleaned in a sustainable way and don’t even want to bring them and pick them up, then WashyWash is the App you have been waiting for.

WashyWash Screenshot
WashyWash Screenshot

WashyWash Website
WashyWash Facebook
WashyWash Instagram
WashyWash Twitter
WashyWash Google Play
Washywash App Store

Where to Jo

an App that shows you what’s happening in Amman and around. If you are looking for restaurants, adventures or places to experience, than Where to Jo might be a great sources for you.

Where TOJO Screenshot
Where TOJO Screenshot

Where TOJO Website
Where TOJO on Facebook
Where TOJO on Instagram
Where TOJO Google Play
Where TOJO App Store


an App that offers you one drink a day for 10 JD per month. Sound like an interesting deal for students or people who don’t work…haven’t tried it, yet.

Woozy Screenshot
Woozy Screenshot

Woozy on Facebook
Woozy on Instagram
Woozy on Google Play
Woozy on App Store


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