Who doesn’t love Chocolate?

The Young, the Old, the West, the East – it seems chocolate is a common treat everywhere in the world and enjoyed by all kinds of people. No matter the occasion, or even if there isn’t an occasion, chocolate can heal the soul and bring a smile on your kid’s face. There are plenty of chocolate places in Amman and they all create lovely present plates or baskets and usually have special kinds of chocolates/packaging for Birthdays, Weddings, Ramada, Christmas, or Easter. Usually, you pay by the kilo and you can choose between a diverse mix of chocolates or sometimes nugget or nuts.

Al Fursan

Al Fursan has three different locations and lovely chocolates as well as some nice plates. Also, you will find decorations items or ceramics, so if you are looking for a gift, you might find something at Fursan.

Locations: Gardens, Um Uthaina, Dair Ghbar


At Alhamawi you have the pleasure of taking a basket and choosing the chocolates yourself. You can add nugget, chocolate covered almonds, and all kinds of other treats to the basket which will then be weighed on a scale. Since Alhamawi is also a roastery, you can get roasted, salted, or smoked nuts amongst honey or other non-sweet treats such as stuffed bell peppers or zeit w zatar. Again, if you are looking for a gift lookout for the ceramics sold by them. Together with the chocolates and other offers, there should be something for everybody’s taste. If that is not enough, they also offer coffee.

Locations: Abdali Mall, Abdali Boulevard, Mecca Mall, Swefiah, TAJ Mall


Chocolography offers nice little gift packages of chocolates.

Locations: Abdoun

Jeff de Bruges

Jeff de Bruges is a French/Belgian enterprise offering excellent chocolates at a high-end level with kilo prices reaching 50 or more JD. However, if you are looking for something exquisite, you probably will find it here.

Locations: Shmesani, Abdoun Circle
Website: http://www.jeff-de-bruges.com/en

La Roche

With more than 40 years of experience founded in Jordan offering Belgian style chocolates, La Roche offers you a diverse range of chocolates and gift packages.

Locations: Khalda, Swefiah
Website: http://www.laroche.com.jo/


Pathi also serves the upper-end customers with excellent chocolates and creative gift options.

Locations: Abdali, 6th circle, Um Uthaina
Website: http://patchi.com/Home

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