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Baked treats made in Amman

Wake n Bake is two Amman based sisters baking food, sweets, and more at home. A family tradition of baking and cooking was passed over from grandmother to mother and eventually the daughters. Niveen and her sister decided that not only their family and neighbors should benefit from their yummy products. Therefore, they started their own home baking business. Today, the two provide a small but great selection of treats. From Pizza cups over granola date bars to donuts, there is something for everyone. I recently stumbled upon Wake n Bake on Instagram and knew I have to try it and share my opinion with you. A few days ago I received a wonderful mixed delivery of their baked goodies.

Different types of granola bars
Dried Fruit and Dark Chocolate Granola and Date Bars

What do they taste like?

Since I really like oatmeal and dates, it was a no brainer to try their Date Bars. They are soft in texture and have the perfect mix of a sweet and healthy taste. Furthermore, we tried the Dried Fruit Granola Bars and the Dark Chocolate Granola Bars as well as the Lotus and Nutella Donuts. I loved the granola bars, especially the one with dark chocolate, who wouldn’t? They are crispy, yummy and you can taste authentic dark chocolate. Most importantly, the granola bars are not too sweet, which I like. They are sweetened only a little bit with the addition of honey. The donuts, however, are a bit too sweet to my taste, but I guess that’s how donuts are supposed to be. Maybe it is the Nutella… Anyway, the kids approved them for sure.


All in all Wake n Bake creates extremely tasty stuff and has a cool look. I really like their earthy look and design for the little cards, which is actually a result of Niveen who is a graphic designer. The packaging was in paper bags, which is thoughtful as well. If you are interested in Wake n Bake products, please find all contact details and social media links below. Luckily, they provide delivery via Careem Box, so you can enjoy their delights without leaving home. Make sure to call 1 day ahead. Wake n Bake share prices and offers with their posts on Instagram. Soon a highlight will show the menu. Next time, I will try some of the non-sweet treats, such as the Pizza Cups or Cheese Buns or Zataar Croissants.

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Contact and Social Media

Call and WhatsApp: +962 79 772 6686
Wake n Bake on Facebook
Wake n Bake on Instagram

Amman, Jordanien

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