(Street) Art in Jordan

Jordan is probably not the most well-known country for (Street) Art. However, here and there in Amman, you might find some painted walls, graffiti, galleries or even some unusual, crazy things. So, here is a collection of some of these artworks in different places with no special order. Some of them you might have seen already, some might have been hidden to you. Also, I know that even some of the larger ones are still missing in my collection. Feel free to add and comment. At the end of the article you can find a map to see where the pictures were taken.

Baladak Street Art Festival Amman, Jordan

There will be a street art project held in 2018 in Jordan from May 5 – 10. The Baladk street art project for the 6th time seeks to invite young artists to paint walls throughout the city, so they get a chance to be visible. This year’s theme is “people”. Stay tuned for some of the results.

If you are seeking to see some artworks in a nice setting, make a visit to theĀ Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. It features a variety of modern art from artists from all over the world. Upstairs in inside the building theĀ Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House are hosted and it provides an excellent place for a coffee or tea and you can also sit and work there in a quiet and comfortable environment. In the warmer time of the year, it provides an excellent view of the park and you might discover the King Abdullah Mosque in the distance.

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