Amazing Souvenirs, Art and Gifts from Jordan

Find souvenirs, art, furniture and specialty stores in Amman

Are you wondering what to buy from Jordan during a trip there? In the past years, I have discovered some local art and artists in Jordan. Over time, I have acquired some unique items of pottery, art, and furniture. In this article, I am going to highlight my favorite artisans and shops in Amman, Jordan. I mentioned most of them on my website, previously. The majority of the items are made in Jordan, although, some come from other Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Morocco, Iraq, or Egypt.

Most likely, you will not come across all of these shops as a tourist while strolling on the rainbow street or downtown Amman. However, you might still find a nice souvenir for you to take home. Either if you reside in Jordan or are in Amman a visit, I can only urge you, to approach some of the artists and their shops or workshops and discover their artworks.  No matter if you are on the lookout for paintings, coffee mugs, rugs, or unique items of clothing. Many of them create customized items and some also deliver outside of Jordan.

Our Store – RustiK KorneR

Rustik Korner - Online Shop - Kilim, Furniture, Oriental Vintage
RustiK Korner – Store for Unique, Vintage Oriental Furniture and Home Decor

If you are not in Jordan anymore or don’t have the chance to come and buy from Jordan, read on. If you are looking for other items such as rugs, carpets, Arabic furniture, art lamps or kilim pillow covers, then head over to

Essah Ahmed Farah – Carpets, Rugs, and Souvenirs from Jordan

Essah Ahmed Farrah Carpets and Rugs, Amman Jordan
Essah Ahmed Farrah Carpets – Colors and Patterns

EA Farrah Carpets has two wonderful stores filled with carpets, rugs, and other Jordanian souvenirs. While one shop is at the end of Rainbow street next to Hunaya, the other one is in downtown Amman. The first and older location is the bigger shop downtown. The selection of products is huge and they have so many varieties of carpets and rugs. In addition, they refurbish old rugs and weave new ones there. Despite the rugs and camel bags, you can find many different Middle Eastern souvenirs, such as coffee kettles, small wooden boxes, brass items, etc. Goot to know, the Rainbow street branch is smaller but also has a nice collection of carpets, rugs, and dรฉcor items on display.

Essah Ahmed Farrah Carpets on Facebook

Eyad Al-Masri – Amman-based Artist from Jordan

Artworks - Eyad Al-Masri - Jordanian Artist
Artwork – Eyad Al-Masri

Eyad Al-Masri is a Jordanian artist, who creates wonderful pieces by using mixed media, usually painting with oil on carved wood. His paintings feature a combination of influences from different Arab regions, peoples, and epochs, therefore turn his images into a historic showcase. Dr. Al-Masri’s artworks have been shown in several galleries in Jordan and internationally. Furthermore, he arranges to see his artworks in his house in Amman while hosting his guests. He also sells other Middle Eastern decor items and Syrian chests with Mother of Pearl. Finally, see some pictures of his artworks that I purchased from Mr. Eyad.

Eyad Al Masri on Facebook

Mosaic – Syrian Furniture with Mother of Pearl and Engravings

Mosaic Rajai - Table and Chairs
Mosaic Rajai – Table and Chairs

Rajai owns a small furniture store, called Mosaic where he creates and restores old, Middle Eastern furniture. He sells pieces with Mother of Pearl and also engravings. Despite making new custom furniture, he repairs and restores old cabinets, tables, chairs, doors or chests. Some of the old chests from Syria are really amazing. Hence, you should make a visit to his small store attached to the workshop in Fuheis, a bit outside of Amman. The picture above shows a set of a table with two chairs in the typical Syrian Mother of Pearl design that we purchased.

Mosaic on Facebook

Nissa Raad -Jordanian Artist from AmmanNissa_Raad_2.jpg

Nissa (Fakhrelnissa) Raad is a self-taught Jordanian artist and granddaughter of Fakhrelnissa Zeid. She works with mixed media and explores urban as well as natural landscapes in contrast with people, in her artworks. In the last years, her paintings were featured in several local and international, both solo and group exhibitions. In Amman, some of the paintings of the triple mother can be found at the Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Lately, blue and green colors are very dominant in her work, which is really refreshing.

Spaceulous – Ceramics Products Crafted by Deaf People in Jordan

Spaceulous Ceramics and Pottery - Amman Jordan
Spaceulous – Diverse items

The second wonderful Jordanian pottery studio I want to point out is Spaceulous. The studio creates stunning sets of plates, cups, candle holders, bowls, and alike. They have fresh designs combined with simple modern patterns and drawings. Most importantly, all employees in the workshop are deaf. So, by supporting Spaceulous, you are supporting these workers and their families. Their showroom is located near Sha’ab Circle. Finally, you can see a set that we acquired.

Spaceulous on Facebook

Terracotta – Jordanian Pottery with Beautiful Calligraphy

Terracotta owner Enshera in front of her items in the showroom, Amman Jordan
Ensherah at Terracotta

One of the first ceramic stores I discovered in Jordan, is Terracotta. Immediately, I fell in I love with their items that usually have Islamic/Arabic inscriptions in traditional fonts. Mainly, Ensherah and her team create bowls, plates, coffee, and tea sets. In addition, they offer vases, other decor items, and create customized plates with family trees pictured. Everything is created here in Jordan by a small team, who put all their handicraft skills in these items. If you look for high-quality pottery with beautiful calligraphy and designs, make sure to pay them a visit in Khalda, Amman. Below are further pictures of some of their items.

Terracotta on Facebook

An Oase of Unique art and fashion gifts in Amman – Ola’s Garden

Ola's Garden - Koufyeh
Ola’s Garden – Koufyeh

Ola’s shop is hidden at the end of the rainbow street if you go all the way down and then turn right. When entering her “garden” you will find handmade jewelry, fashion items, and decor items. Each piece of jewelry, clothing, or decor is unique. They usually involve several different materials and combine traditional Jordanian/Palestinian designs with Ola’s unique taste and ideas. Therefore all of Ola’s items are truly unique as you won’t find this mix somewhere else. A true oasis for special souvenirs from Jordan.


Qadeem – Jordanian hand-crafted Pottery

Qadeem pottery Items in Showroom Amman, Jordan
Qadeem Showroom Items

Another great pottery design studio near 2nd circle is Qadeem. They sell plates, bowls, and coffee sets among other interesting items. The ceramics studio combines wonderful pottery with vivid colors and great designs. Also, you will find something for specific seasons or occasions such as Easter, Autumn, or Ramadan. Below is pictured a set that we purchased.

Qadeem on Facebook

Qadeem  Coffee Set with Plates, Mugs, Cake Plate in typical Jordanian Design
Qadeem Coffee Set with Plates, Mugs, Cake Plate in typical Jordanian Design
Amman, Jordanien

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