Aroundtown – an App for Events, Places and Promotions in Amman

Aroundtown is an App that helps you knowing what’s going on in and around Amman. It features Restaurants, Events and Promotions that are currently ongoing. You can search by location, by type of cuisine or aspects like shisha friendly,  alcohol-free or family friendly locations or events. The Design of the app is pretty good and hosts a lot of restaurants and locations. When clicking on a location, it shows you more info such as where the branch(es) is or are, the working hours, a description and what kind of promotion is going on, if any. If you want to claim a promotion, you just click on the button and claim it.


Although the first time I used the app, there was a problem with a promotion that was not accepted and the problem couldn’t be solved right away. However, after my review on Facebook, the manager from the restaurant contacted me right away, explained that they had technical issues and offered a discount for our next visit to their restaurant, which I really appreciate, so we will definitively give it a second chance.

I also approached Aroundtown and they came back to me immediately. Thus, the customer service is great. They are really working hard on optimizing the app and providing a good service to the user. Other information and directions in the app seem to work well. It helps you to discover new places, different style of food and places with special activities. By using the app you can navigate easily around town.

Sign up is easy and also possible through Facebook or Google. The design is clean, simple and attractive. They are also working on minimizing the size of the app.

Since Ramadan is about to start, many new specials and events regarding the holy month will be featured from today. Have a look and try it out.

Aroundtown Website
Aroundtown on Google Playstore
Aroundtown on App Store

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