Wadi Numeira – Hiking the Dead Sea Valley

Hiking Wadi Numeira – The Water Petra

Back in August 2019, we had an amazing road trip that we started with hiking Wadi Numeira, near the Dead Sea. Similar to other Wadis, such as Wadi Kerak, Wadi Al-Hasa, or Wadi Assal, you access it from the Dead Sea Highway and walk East towards the springs up the country. As opposed to Wadi Mujib, it usually carries way less water, so it is suitable for non-swimmers and children as well as people, who seek some refreshment but do not want to get totally wet. Also, you do not need a guide and can enter for free. You can drive on your own from Amman. Caution, however, is advised, read below. In the beginning, it is pretty wide open, and unfortunately, many people leave their trash behind when walking there or having BBQs, next to their cars.


Inside Wadi Numeira

After some hundred meters, however, it gets pretty narrow, so that no car can enter there and also only very few people continue that far. The Valley has beautiful steep walls, which are shaped by the water and shimmer in different colors depending on the type of stone and the time of the day. Some call it the Water Petra for a good reason. The walk itself is pretty easy and suitable even for kids aged above 6 maybe. At a few points, some help might be needed to climb up a bit. Other than that there are no climbing skills or equipment needed. We went in Summer, so water levels are relatively low but temperatures high, as you are below sea level.

After about 2 hours you will reach another open area, where you the landscape changes. The wider area has a lot of plants and water meanders through small stones. You might come across some frogs or toads as well. After this area, there is not much shadow, so keep that in mind, if you like to continue further. As mentioned in my other articles about hiking and especially these valleys, prepare yourself before you go. Never go alone, check the weather, take a first aid kit and be aware that rain also in other areas upstream can cause deadly flash floods, especially in the Winter season. Be safe and enjoy! If you don’t own a car, consider renting one for you road trip in Jordan.

Starting point: https://goo.gl/maps/ReC2aTUsSA5dAfc47
GPS coordinates: 31°07’50.1″N 35°32’03.3″E
Duration: 3-4 hours or as far as you want,
From Amman: 2 h 15 min
Accessibility: easy to get from the Dead Sea Highway, later only walking
Difficulty: moderate, slippery stones, some climbing, hot weather. Not suitable for children under 6 I would assume.

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