Staycation at Amman Rotana Hotel

Arrival and Check-In to Amman Rotana

For Valentine’s Day, we decided for a stay-cation at Amman Rotana at the Boulevard in Abdali. It was the first time for us to stay in a hotel in Amman since we live here and only stayed in hotels at the Dead Sea or Aqaba before. However, we wanted to try something new and get out of the home without traveling far, so we opted for a stay in Amman at Rotana Hotel. Let me ensure you, we had wonderful time with an excellent room, amazing views and tasty food.

If you have been to Amman, it is very unlikely that you have not seen the building. The Amman Rotana reaches for the sky and sticks out from pretty much any corner you look at it. The Hotel already impresses with a pretty unique shape, being round with a black glass facade. The interior is no less stunning and reveals an interesting architecture that allows looking between different levels from some of the restaurants. It offers excellent views from the upper levels of the rooms which of course have a round window front.

The Rooms at Amman Rotana

After Check-In, we entered our rooms on the 42nd floor. As we are a family, we were offered two rooms adjacent to each other. Beyond what I already expected, the rooms were very spacious. They have a huge glass front, modern bathroom design with both shower and freestanding bathtub and window looking into the room. On top of that, we were presented with lovely welcoming gifts. As expected, the rooms were spotlessly clean and everything was perfect.

The Restaurants

Soon after we entered our rooms, we went down for dinner at Gusto, the Italian Restaurant within the Amman Rotana, apart from Rodeo, Threesixty, and Bar on Four. All the restaurants have an interesting layout and architecture due to the round building and they welcome their guests with an open kitchen. I love open kitchens and it makes the place really welcoming.

Rotana Amman – Gusto Italian Restaurant

Dinner at the Gusto Italian Restaurant

The menu offers a wide range of choices including pasta and pizza of course. Apart from that they serve antipasti, salads, soups along with meat dishes and seafood. We opted for salads and seafood as a starter, pizza for the kids, and meat as main dishes. First, we ordered an arugula salad that came with cherry tomatoes and cheese with a balsamic dressing. Then we tried the Messy Shrimps and the Grilled Octopus, which I can really recommend. It was a nice piece of a grilled tentacle, in a tasty dressing. The messy shrimps were grilled shrimp in a spicy kind of garlic sauce, which we enjoyed as well.

For mains, we ordered the Australian lamb shank and the Angus Ribs. The Australian lamb shank was just out of this world. It was perfectly cooked and marinated with a rosemary coconut battering on a fine Jus. It was a mouthwatering dish that seeks a rival. The Angus ribs were short ribs of finest quality served with cheese ravioli. Our meat was tender and juicy and just enjoyable. The pizza Frutti di mare was excellent as well. The thin crust was baked in the stone oven on-site and topped with grilled seafood. Surprisingly, one of the best pizzas you can get in Amman, I would reckon. We paired everything with a red Pinot and the staff was professional, helpful, and very polite.

Amman Rotana at Night

After dinner, we headed back to our rooms. The beds were very comfortable and also the amenities in the rooms are great. All the lights are controlled by touchpads and temperature in the rooms was perfect without even having to pay attention to the controls. Anything you can think of, you will find in the rooms. That includes a dental kit to a wooden Kamm, to a comfortable bathrobe. Additionally, the view from the top is special and it is enjoyable to watch the cars passing by without really hearing them. If you look for late night entertainment you can enjoy the BarOnFour or head over to The Deck Lounge Rooftop.

Rotana Amman – View from 42nd floor

Breakfast Buffet

The next morning we woke up in the comfy beds and made our way to Threesixty, the all-day restaurant where breakfast is served. The range and diversity of the food, as well as quality, does not leave any wishes unfulfilled. Anything you can imagine you will find at the breakfast buffet. That starts with freshly baked bread and pastries, fresh juice, an omelet station, and a wide selection of cheese, cold cuts, musli and much more. The restaurant has a huge ceiling, lots of light and is very welcoming.


Summarizing, I have to say that our high expectations were more than met and that Amman Rotana is truly an exceptional Hotel regarding design, comfort, quality, and service. The food was outstanding as well, and I am looking forward to coming back to Rodeo, the steakhouse, and Bar on Four one day.
I would like to thank the management and staff at Amman Rotana for inviting us to this exceptional stay.

Amman Rotana - View from the room

Location: Amman, Abdali Boulevard



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