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Over a couple of years, I came across some videos that feature Jordan as an interesting travel destination. Finally, I wanted to compile a list of these top videos on Jordan. Some of the target specific areas or types of activities, and some give an overall picture with all of Jordan’s diversity of landscapes, food, and people. The first video “Jordan… A Timeless Love” is probably one of the best attempts to capture Jordan in a cinematic style. It tells a lovely short story, makes use of stunning images, and just feels authentic. I also liked it as it has a high quality, but rough and not over-polished look. Other videos focus on the Jordan Trail, Cycling Jordan, or the beauty of Wadi Rum or the Dana Biosphere Reserve. See for yourself and let me know in the comments, if I missed something. I am always looking for ways to improve my site. Welcome to Jordan!

Jordan… A Timeless Love

Take Your Lens Through Time

is another great video of Jordan as a whole. It shows all its highlights and also some less known areas. It doesn’t have a told narrative but is still nice to watch.

Hymn to Jordan

is also an awesome cinematic video that has been filmed by Storytellers, who focus on beautiful images for their promotion videos of travel destinations. I think it is my second favorite.

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Walking in Bedouin Footsteps

is a great summary of a different part of Jordan, the Dana Biosphere Reserve. It is nice to see some variety from the typical highlights that most pictures and videos of Jordan promote. It gives you some insight into the nature of that region.

Jordan Trail Series: Region 4 / Three Wadis – Karak

is a wonderful video by Jordanian photographer and videographer Ali Barqawi about hiking the Jordan Trail. It is showing one of the 8 sections of the Jordan Trail and this one is again, a very unique one that might not get much attention.

Jordan from the Air

is basically what its title suggests, showcasing some impressive drone shots over Jordan. Quality is excellent and it allows a whole different perspective on many of the sites, although also some of the other videos make use of areal footage. I personally just don’t like the music for the video.

Break Free in Jordan

focuses on activities and adventures in Jordan. It shows that Jordan has much more to offer than just walking through Petra and riding a camel in Wadi Rum. Who would expect that you can do anything from rock climbing, horse riding, cycling, Hot air ballooning, abseiling, skateboarding, diving, and more? You can even run a Marathon in Amman or Wadi Rum or race by foot or bicycle from the Dead Sea to Aqaba.

Indiana Jones Rocks Petra with this Arabian Classical Remix

A rather unique video is this one, playing the Indiana Jones Theme in the ancient city of Petra, featuring the musicians of the Duo in the actual location.

The Jordan Bike Trail (Full Version)

Jordan does not only have a wonderful Thru-Hike for pedestrians but also developed a version that you can complete by bike. This video brings you the highlights of the Jordan Bike Trail featuring stunning images and an overview of the country and people.

Hiking from Dana to Petra – Jordan

This one presents the supposedly best section of the Jordan Trail, from Dana to Petra, which I wanted to hike this Spring. Finally I got the chance in 2020 to hike the section from Dana to Petra.

Amman Citadel

Although, I am still learning how to make great videos, I could not withhold my own video of the Amman Citadel, hope you like it. For more videos, see my YouTube Channel.

Amman from above

Also, let me share with you my video of Amman from above, while not meaning that this is a top video of Jordan, at all, but a great capture of my helicopter flight with Golden Eagle Aviation Academy that I took in 2019.


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