What to see, buy, and eat in Rabat, Morocco

An alley of palm trees and a fountain in the foreground in Rabat, Morocco

What to do in Rabat It has always been my dream to travel to Morocco one day, but the closest I have ever been to it before was probably Ibiza or the Canary Islands. Over the last years, however, I have been to Rabat three times, usually for a couple of days for work. I …

A Japanese in Jordan

Yoko and her family on a 4x4 car back smiling somewhere in Wadi Rum surrounded by tall rocks and nearby there is a tent

Yoko is originally from Japan and currently living in Amman since summer 2018 with her Egyptian-American husband and two children. Here in Jordan, she is pursuing her passion for writing, music, nature education, and interacting with children, while focusing on her family. She recently founded a blog site Your Parentology covering parenting, wellness, news, travel, …

Mysteries of Shisha

Smoking Sheesha, Argeela or Hookah as different people say, has been much desirable in Jordan by both locals and expats. With no doubt, it gives a nice flavor for its smoker, and there are several flavors that are widely available such as Apple, Lemon, Spearmint, Grape, Strawberry, and others while the double apple flavor (usually …

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