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About E-Fawateer and paying bills online

There is plenty of things I do not understand about Jordanians, such as they seem to like doing everything in person and wait in busy offices or get stuck in traffic. The same seems to apply for paying bills in Jordan, although there is a great alternative. Rather than going to the post office or to a supermarket, or handing out cash to the guard, there are online payment solutions in order to pay your bills in Jordan.

E-Fawateer.com is the solution.

E-Fawateer - Screenshot
E-Fawateer – Screenshot

It is a government-approved secure online payment service for all kinds of bills. You can pay anything from the internet invoice to electricity bills or even university fees. For me being from Germany, that intermediate institution seems unnecessary. Since at home the electricity company would just withdraw the money from your account monthly, while your pre-paid mobile has an automatic re-charge option once it falls below a certain amount. Other utilities will be paid directly to the landlord by reoccurring monthly payments.

How to pay your bills online using the E-Fawateer app

Well, things work differently when living in Jordan, as we discovered in many cases. So what can eFawateer do for you? Basically, it allows you to pay your bills online in an easy and secure way. I personally use it for bills and utilities such as the internet, mobile phone, water, electricity, and traffic tickets. However, there is even more. All possible billers are listed on their website.

The crucial information you need is what numbers you need to type in, in order to inquire about your bill and then pay it. All mandatory information can be found on their website. You can also recharge your pre-paid mobile. If you, for example, want to recharge your Zain Pre-Paid, then open the app and follow the steps below.

  1. Select Charge
  2. Choose the Biller Name: e.g. Zain.
  3. Choose Service Type Name: Mobile_Prepaid or Mix_Voucher and your package
  4. Enter your telephone number and confirm
  1. Confirm your payment or add a new card
  2.  Verify your payment option in case necessary

Paying other bills using the E-Fawateer App in Jordan

If you want to pay your bills, then choose a category, a provider and inquire about your bill. The amount will be shown if there is anything to be paid – does not apply for pre-paid plans of course – but for postpaid or water or electricity bills for example. If it says “No due bill” or “biller not found”, there also might be a problem and you chose the wrong information. It is important that you select the correct biller and option, since recharging mobile prepaid is different from postpaid and Broadband Service from Orange is different than Orange Fixed and so on. But the e-Fawateer site shows you exactly what information is needed. Unfortunately, the videos are in Arabic only, but you can use the auto-translated caption by YouTube.

The payment can then be done through different payment channels including most of the banks in Jordan and many other offices listed here.

How to pay your bills using your banking app or website

I personally use the option via the Arab bank Mobile App. After login, you go to Payments and click eFawateercom. You then choose similarly to the process in the e-Fawateer App. First, select a category, then a provider, then your packages and the amount.

For more info on opening a bank account in Jordan read my article Money and Banking

If you have bills set up, you will find them listed.

Arabi Mobile App- e-Fawateer Bills
Arabi Mobile App- e-Fawateer Bills

You can then inquire and pay. If you want to set up a new “bill” click on New Bill. You will then have to put in the information as described above in the example for Zain Pre-Paid Mobile. Again, depending on what you are going to pay, a certain set of selection and the right numbers, have to be added.

If you want to recharge your mobile pre-paid credit then select telecommunication, Zain, Mobile Prepaid, put in your phone number starting with 079 then the number e.g. 1234567, choose the amount and say “Inquire”. Select the account to pay from and confirm. If it works, you will get immediately an SMS from Bank Arabi that payment has occurred (if SMS service is set up) and also notification from Zain that your credit has been recharged. I also use the App from Zain to manage my account.

Screenshot Arabi mobile e-Fawateer
Screenshot Arabi mobile e-Fawateer


In conclusion, once you know the required info and you familiarized yourself with e-Fawateer, it comes in really handy. I think it is not even necessary to register on their website itself as payments can be done through the banks. That way, you cannot run out of utilities, or the internet gets shut down.

For a complete list of all figures and numbers, you have to type in for payment of Jordanian services see the document listed on the eFawateer.com site.

Get the App from Play Store here or from the App Store here 

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  1. aber man brauch ein Bankkonto in Jordanien, richtig? Mit paypal oder deutschem Konto/Kreditkarte geht das nicht?
    Rolf Pannicke

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