Internet and Mobile Plans in Jordan

Internet and Mobile Service Providers in Jordan

One of the very first things you need to set up after moving to Jordan is getting a SIM-card, so that you have a mobile connection, whether that is prepaid or postpaid. This is essential for anything in Jordan and that you can use google maps for orientation in Amman. Basically, there are three main IT providers in Jordan. The two larger ones are Zain and Orange. There is also Umniah, which I haven’t tried, yet. All of these three offer internet at home and also mobile Plans to get connected in Jordan.

Mobile Plans

Regarding mobile plans for calling and data, I can mainly talk about Zain. To be honest, I only know two or three people who have an Orange telephone number. Therefore, the majority clearly uses Zain. It works reliably, there is even LET coverage in Amman with up to 20 MBit Download. Reception in the main cities, the main roads, and pretty much a residential area in Jordan is very good. Calling is priced very reasonably as well.

There is plenty of different offers when looking for a SIM Card in Jordan. When you own a smartphone you might aim for one pre-paid offers from Zain. Offers currently range between 18 to 29 GB and 5000 to unlimited minutes to Zain, 1000 minutes to other networks, and 500 – 1000 SMS. I doubt anyone will use this. Prices for those range between 10 – 20 JD including taxes. So for 10 JD a month you can get set up if you don’t use extensive mobile data such as constant music or video streaming. I’m using Turbo-Mix (probably has a different name now), the middle-sized offer. It is enough data volume to stream music quite often. Also in most locations within Jordan, there is LTE coverage. Be aware though that for most parts of Wadi Rum, there is no phone reception.

Prices and Offers for Mobile Plans in Jordan – Get your SIM Card

When comparing prices and buying credit, scratch cards, or setting up a new account, keep in mind that you have to add the taxes. You also need to pay an initial fee to set up your phone subscription. You can sign-up for Zain and Orange in most at the Malls and the airport in Amman. They also have a few standalone stores across the town. All you need to bring usually, is a passport, and residency if you have. We don’t have a landline phone, so I can’t give much information on that. I also should mention that Zain now has short term offers for visitors to Jordan, which might come in handy, if you are visiting Jordan.

Recharging your pre-paid line in Jordan

You can recharge your phone in plenty of ways such as Zain shops in malls, via scratch cards from supermarkets or kiosks. You can also do that through online banking in Jordan, ATM’s, or via the governmental online payment system called e-Fawateer. For setting up a new number and subscription, go to any of the Zain shops in the big shopping malls in Amman or the Airport.

Internet Providers in Jordan

All three above mentioned companies provide internet plans as well. In the beginning, we used Zain, while all the others are probably fine, too. When you have a landline phone, you generally can get cheaper contracts. Also, the longer you commit, the lower your monthly bill will be and you might receive a free device as well. Compare the offers and keep in mind that you might change your mind at some point and don’t want to commit yourself to something for too long.

Since February 2018 we use Orange Fiber at a cost of about 35 JD/month including taxes. The speed and reliability are really great for us. Recently the download and upload rate increased to about 60 MBit/s. It includes a router and also the initial setup fees. That, however, depends on the current offers.

In the past, we also used Mada for some time, after we used Zain. Unfortunately Mada did not work for us at all. I really recommend getting a fiber connection as these are not dependant on your location in Amman. When providers use 4G mobile connection or other technology the speed and reliability depend a lot on where you live in Amman.

Screenshot Orange Fiber Speed
Screenshot of Speedtest with Orange Fiber

Using a VPN in Jordan

It is not illegal to use a VPN in Jordan as of now. If you want to ensure safe and secure surfing, it is also a good idea to install VPN software. For the most, depending on your carrier, WhatsApp and Viber calls are blocked. You can send messages, however, VoIP is blocked. One way to overcome this, is by installing a VPN, which can connect to different servers, pretending you are located in another country. I found NordVPN to be a great working VPN for Jordan. Similarly, when you want to enjoy your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, NordVPN comes in handy.

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