Communication in Amman

Basically, there are three main IT providers in Jordan:

Mobile Phone

I can mainly talk about Zain. To be honest, I only know two or three people who have an Orange telephone number, so the majority clearly uses Zain. It works reliably, there is even LET coverage in Amman with up to 20 MBit Download. Reception along main highways is also fine. Calling is cheap as well. There is plenty of different offers. When you own a smartphone you might aim for one of the MIX-Offers. They currently range between 4 – 10 GB and 5000 – unlimited minutes to Zain, 1000 minutes to other networks and 200 – 500 SMS, which you will never ever use. Prices for that range between 10 – 20 JD including taxes. So for 10 JD a month you can get set up if you don’t use extensive internet such as constant music or video streaming. I’m using Turbo-Mix, the middle sized offer and it is fine to stream music quite often. Also in most locations, I have been to yet, there is LTE coverage.

When checking prices and buying credit or scratch cars or setting up a new account, keep in mind that taxes usually are not included in mentioned prices and an initial fee is needed to set up a phone or telephone contract. All you need to bring is a passport usually. I don’t have a landline, so can’t give any information on that.

You can recharge your phone in plenty ways such as Zain shops in malls, via scratch cards from supermarkets or kiosks, through other people and even through online banking via the governmental online payment system called e-Fawateer. For more on this, see Money & Banking. For setting up a new number and subscription, go to any of the Zain shops in the big shopping malls.

Internet at Home

All three above mentioned companies provide internet plans as well. Again, we used Zain, while all the others are probably fine, too. When you have a landline phone, you generally can get cheaper contracts. Also, the longer you commit, the lower your monthly bill will be and you might get a free device or something. Compare the offers and keep in mind that you might change your mind at some point and don’t want to commit yourself to something for too long.

We are using a 200 GB postpaid subscription. A router is included and the package currently costs around 35 JD plus tax, so roughly 40 JD. The connection is pretty good and the speed is fine to watch Netflix and alike. It also works immediately after you bought it, same as with the SIM-card for the phone.

Update Nov 2017 – We changed to Mada, a sub-brand of Zain, which provides more GB for less Money. It uses its own servers so the connection is not at the same speed as with Zain necessarily. Costs are around 25 JD/m including taxes for 500 GB. After one month we finally canceled as it did not work for us at all.

Update Dec 2017 – We now use a fixed V-DSL line from Orange. This means a technician has to set up the line, but then it should be more reliable. First speed test looked fine. Let’s see how it turns out. Costs are around 36 JD/m for one-year commitment plus 58 JD for the initial setup.

Update Feb 2018Orange approached us since Fiber is now available in our area. There are no extra costs involved for setting it up. They provide a new router and speed is up to 30 MBit/s both upload and download for about 34 JD/m including taxes. After installation of the new router and a box in the basement, I have to say internet works very well. A test on Speedtest showed that Ping is around 3-5 ms and both Upload and Download are steady at about 35 MBit/s. Of course, you can have a higher speed at extra costs.

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