Learning Arabic with Ahlan Jordan

If you intend to learn Arabic, there are plenty of opportunities in Amman. In this post, I want to focus on my experience. I have been studying Arabic with Ahlan Jordan, an Arabic school in Webdeh and it is pretty good. It is well organized, reasonably priced and you can schedule your own classes targeted at your level. You get a schedule for the upcoming week mailed to you every weekend. If you cancel your class within 24 hours before the start, you will not be charged and you can postpone the class. They also have group courses for people who come as visitors or have several weeks to join a course. If you study or work in Jordan then the individual classes are perfect for you. Individual classes at the time of writing are 14 JD /h for a single class, 8 JD/h with two people or 6 JD/h with three people, per person. There is a discount if you pay for 10 or 20 classes well.

Despite the language courses, they regularly organize trips to the main sights within Jordan, offer a language cafe for language exchange and also organize lunch or cooking events.

I am learning Amieya, the slang or street language rather than Fusha, which is the written Arabic used in newspapers and the Quran. I find it helpful to have conversations and deal with some normal everyday life situations. And I do not have the intention at the moment to learn Arabic to read books or use it at work since we communicate in English for these purposes. But for the chats in between with Arabic colleagues, it is nice to have some basic knowledge or more so you can navigate in the host country you are living in.

They are currently moving locations so be sure to contact them before. Any information can be found on their Website or Facebook page.


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