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Learning Arabic is definitely not easy, as any language actually. A lot of people will do come for that reason to the MENA region. If you came to Jordan for a job or studying something other than the language, you still might wanna learn some Arabic so it is easier to communicate and manage everyday life, so there are plenty of reasons why one might want to learn Arabic. Besides many Arabic schools in Amman, there are also plenty of private Arabic teachers and tutors, who offer one on one classes or teaching groups. After I learned the basics at Ahlan Jordan, and took a break for some time, for personal reasons, I wanted to continue in a different way with a personal tutor. In this post, I intend to continuously introduce and feature some private Arabic teachers and tutors that are focusing on teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

Amer Alrisheq

Amer Al-Risheq
Amer Al-Risheq

Experience: More than 3 years
What I teach: Ameyah (spoken, colloquial Arabic) and Fusha (standard Arabic)
Who I teach: Single persons, groups, couples, kids, adults
Where I teach: At my home (Rasheed area, near Gardens) or at the learner’s home
How I teach: I use different methods and books
Recommendations: are available on requests
Telephone: +962 79 199 7086
Email: Ameralrisheq@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmerRisheq1244

Instagram: https://instagram.com/speakarabicinjordan

Price: Competitive prices, please contact Amer for an offer. You pay per lesson and payment upfront is not necessary.

Amer is a young Arabic teacher/tutor with three years experience. He mainly teaches Ameyah, but also Fusha. In the first lesson he asked me about my level and also my aspirations about learning Arabic. Quickly we dived into the cold water and starting having conversations, since I have already some basic knowledge, vocabulary, know how to read and write in Arabic. Amer, is very enthusiastic, concentrated and patient while teaching. It is really easy to have a conversation with him and he doesn’t feel bored or annoyed by questions at all. He uses different techniques and approaches such as different books for various levels, important lists of verbs and adjectives, reading, writing, conversation, songs, series and more. Personally, I felt comfortable pretty quickly. Although Amer is still young, he has a solid experience and also a professional work attitude, which makes him an excellent choice, if you intend to learn Arabic in Amman. He has a lot of flexibility and teaches all days of the week. I highly recommend him for his teaching style, attitude, reliability. Besides, he is just a nice guy.

Amman, Jordan

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