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About the Jordan Heritage Restaurant

The Jordan Heritage Restaurant will take you on a tour all over Jordan with some well-known dishes such as Mansaf or Maqloobah, and maybe not so well known ones, such as Basbasoan from Al-Salt, Makmora from Irbid or Kushna/Kushneh from Aqaba. The restaurant is located in a quiet corner of Webdeh, has a huge courtyard that offers wonderful outdoor seating during summer and indoor seating in an old house which soon will also offer accommodation. Inside you will find some smaller handcrafted items and fashion representing typical Jordanian heritage.

Dishes From all Over Jordan at the Jordan Heritage Restaurant

The menu has plenty to offer. Maybe even a bit too much. After five years of research, JHR, operated under a non-profit NGO, is proud to offer 45 different dishes plus seasonal menus. It took us some while to decide, but we also got some recommendations. I definitely wanted to taste the not so common dishes that you won’t find in every Arabic restaurant. The ingredients come from six different governorates and local families are included in the stories and making of the food. We started with Haliva (Amman), Circassian style pastry filled with cheese and Fatet Kishek (Northern Regions), and a Freekeh Salad. The latter was tasty, marinated with Pomegranate Seed, Chickpeas, and Beetroot. The Pastry was fine too, but the Fatet was not my favorite, to be honest. For the main dishes, we continued our journey through the kingdom and we tried Basbasoan and Fanagesh from Al-Salt, Makmoora (with meat) from Irbid, and, I believe it was Mutafyeh (middle region). I would like to highlight the Basbasoan, which was really interesting and had a great taste. The meat was soft and everything fits well together. Fanagesh is a dish that consists of meat cooked in tahini sauce and also has pumpkin, which might also be a bit uncommon in other dishes. It was enjoyable although the tahini taste is usually pretty strong, marking a bit the taste of the pumpkin. My absolute favorite at the Jordan Heritage Restaurant was however the Makmoora. This was just incredible. It was so yummy, that I really suggest you go to Jordan Heritage Restaurant just to try it. Looking at the ingredients, I feel it is like the Jordanian version of Musakhan, a typical Palestinian dish, as it comes with meat or chicken, lots of olive oil, onions, and the typical Sumac spice. It is however more cooked like a pie of dough rather than just with flat bread. And the taste was just amazing.


We finished our visit to the Jordan Heritage Restaurant with drinking tea outside on the terrace, watching the sunset, and enjoying the quiet atmosphere. All in all, it was great to taste the different Jordanian dishes and try out some new food. The Jordan Heritage Restaurant just launched their Winter menu, so make sure to check that out. I would like to express a big thank you to JHR for having us over to their restaurant and providing excellent food.
Shisha: No Alcohol: No Smoking: yes Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Location: Webdeh Delivery: Available through Talabat.
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Amman, Jordan

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