Tal Alrumman Restaurant

Tal Alrumman is definitively worth the way from Amman or even further away. It is an exceptional location compromising of a restaurant, a pool area (will be charged to eat or use the pool), playgrounds, and an awesome woodshop. You will find Tal Alrumman halfway between Jerash and Amman, not far from King Talal Dam, and therefore can combine it easily with visits to Jerash, Ajloun, or just as a day trip. You can sit at the pool, inside or on one of the outside patios, and enjoy a great view of the mountains. It is one of the best Restaurants in Jordan and you should definitively visit it if you are considering traveling Northern Jordan.


And, the food is great, too. We had Hummus with Pomegranate – excellent choice, Fatoush was served in an eatable crispy bowl. As main dishes, we had a Hebrew Lamb Dish and Lamb with Bulgur, both cooked in a clay pot. For us, it was one of the best places to eat in Jordan. Bread is baked throughout the day one side, BBQ and Salads are fresh.

Interior and Shop

The design of the place, tables and chairs, and other interiors as well as the dishes on which the food is served, are all made of Mango wood, mainly from Thailand I assume. Since the choice for these exceptional dishes was enjoyed by many customers, the owner decided to open a store for furniture and decoration items onsite in April 2016 and recently opened a store on Mecca Street in Amman as well.

For more info see below see theirĀ Facebook Page

Jerash, Jordan

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  1. This looks like a great daytrip from Amman. If I am in Amman for a short-term assignment and don’t have a car of my own, how is the best way to travel here?

    1. You could try with small buses but that is gonna be difficult. Best alternative is 1) Rent a car (around 30 JD per day) or 2)ask a taxi driver to take you there and stay there and take you back. Agree on a price before.

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