Things to do near Amman

If you don’t always want to drive far but have the urge of going outside of Amman, there a couple of things to do near Amman. You can reach most of the places within 30 – 45 minutes. Whether you are looking for nature, a restaurant, a hike or just a picnic spot, you will find something mentioned below. I did not mentioned the typical highlights of Jordan here, on purpose. Follow the links, if you want to read about Madaba, Jerash, Dead Sea or Iraq Al Ameer, which are also all in a reach of one hour from Amman. I compiled everything in no particular order.

Tall Hesban

Tall Hesban – Rsearch Site

Tal Hesban is an archaeological site not far from Madaba. The excavation site is located on a hill and you have excellent views from there over the surrounding area. You can find proof of life of the Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians, and of course the Romans as in many other archaeological sites in Jordan. After visiting the site, you may consider visiting Mount Nebo or Madaba. I also imagine that it’s a nice picnic spot in summer and guarantees for a nice sunset.

Hussban Forest

Hussban is an area near Na’ur on your way towards the Dead Sea. Although near Amman it looks very different. In contrast to the city, Hussban Forest has a lot of trees and there are some nice spots for a picnics or just taking a walk. If you are walking the Jordan Trail, Husban is also on your route if you are coming from Iraq Al-Ameer or are heading towards Oyoun Al-Theeb.

The Gang at Hussban Forest

Fuheis/Fuhays – Mountainous area near Amman


Fuheis is a small town about 15 minutes west of Amman. It has a large Christian population. Despite its proximity to Amman, Fuheis has a totally different scenery. The city thrones on hillsides and offers much more open space. You don’t just look at house fronts but instead can enjoy some lovely views. Although Fuheis is not anymore part of the main sections of the Jordan Trail, you can still take the hikes and find all information about them on the official website of the Jordan trail Association. A really beautiful section is from Rmeimeen to Fuheis

During Christmas time Fuheis has a huge Christmas tree standing at one of the main roundabouts. Also there a lot of shops with Christmas decoration. The city is also home to some really good restaurants such as Zuwaddeh, Loqmeh AlKanoun, Watr Ziryab, one of my favorite Arabic Restaurants.

Schwarzbier with a view

If you are a beer lover, then you have to visit the Carakale Brewery. They brew many different beers. The flagship types are bottled and also can be found in bars and restaurants across Amman. Apart from this, they brew many different craft beers in smaller quantities. You can enjoy those on tap at the Tasting Room right at the brewery. Usually, you can choose from eight to ten different beers. If you like to know more about the process behind the creation of the beers, why not take a tour of the brewery.

Scandinavian Forest

35 minutes North of Amman lies the Scandinavian forest. You can enjoy some nature, have a picnic or go for a walk. Unfortunately, many people go for picnics in those kind of areas and leave their trash behind. Thus, your experiences depends on the time of year and other factors. Nearby you can find the Sindyan Resort which features a gallery, a pool, a small playground and restaurant.

Kids exploring the Outdoors

Tal Ruman – one of the best restaurants near Amman

wooden furniture at TalRuman Restaurant
Thai Mango Furniture at Tal Alrumman Restaurant

Also about 35 minutes North of Amman towards Jerash you find Tal Ruman. You can go for an adrenaline filled ride on a 4×4 Buggy or Quad. At Badia 4X4 you can choose between two tours, either through a forest or near the Botanic Garden. Closeby is a wonderful restaurant called. Tal Al-Ruman serving food in awesome environment with great views.

Qasr al-Qastal

Qasr al-Qastal

Al-Qastal is another archaeological site a bit outside of Amman near the airport road. There are a lot of excavations and some buildings still standing. Nearby is also an old cemetery. According to online sources, Qastal is supposed to be one of the oldest Umayyad structures in Jordan and one of the few that has been completed. Excavations started in 2001. The area however is not developed for tourism, so there are no facilities. Parking is no problem though.

Qasr al-Mushatta

Qasr al-Mushatte Winter Palace
Al-Mushatta Winter Palace

Qasr al-Mushatta are the ruins of a small castle from the Umayyad period. Since many years, the original facade is displayed in the Islamic Museum in Berlin, Germany. However, other parts of the palace have been reconstructed not too long ago. The Winter palace is close to the airport. You can easily reach it in about 35 to 40 minutes from Amman. 

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