A 4WD Outdoor Adventure in the North of Jordan

Tal AlRumman

Last weekend FamilyinJordan and our family made our way again to Tal Alrumman.  However, this time with the intention to have a great outdoor adventure. While the kids had a great time at the pool at the Tal Alrumman Restaurant, the adults went in two separate groups for a 4WD Buggy Ride with Arctic Cat Jordan – Badia 4X4 Adventures nearby.

The start is located just about 3 mins away from the restaurant. After a short introduction, signing a waiver form, and choosing the right helmets, we were ready to go. We mounted one GoPro on the hood and hold another one in the hand. See the video below.

Badia 4×4 Artic Car Adventure

The Wildcats are Automatic, 4WD, have big round tires with extreme profile, and the wheels are mounted on large springs to absorb even the strongest shocks. They are extremely powerful and suitable for all kind of terrain it seems. We went over a very rocky path with pretty huge stones and the ride was still pretty smooth. Only steering reminds me of my old VW Golf II, that came without steering assistance. Regarding this, it feels more like a GoKart and you have to work a little bit.

Our guide drove on a Quad ahead and we followed him through a forest area. We enjoyed nice views over some valleys, and got soaked with dust and adrenaline. For me, it was the first ride on these vehicles and I really enjoyed it. It is something you cannot do with a normal car and you can just go wild. Our track was about 23 km and about 1 hour 20 mins including a sort tea break where we got an excellent view and took nice photos.

There is also another tour that goes through the Royal Botanic Garden next to King Talal Dam. Maybe we will check this out the next time, as we really enjoyed our time and I would love to come back one day.

See the wikiloc link for the precise GPS location.

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For more information on Arctic Cat Jordan – Badia 4X4 Adventures see below:


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  1. Thank you for the idea, we are travelling to Jordan in two weeks and I find your blogs very helpful! Suzanne from the Netherlands

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