Mistaka Cheese

Mistaka is a local cheese maker creating a huge variety of different types of Cheese using Jordanian Awassi sheep and goat milk. I discovered Mistaka through other expat posts and blog and decided to give it a try myself. Every Saturday they have an open house from 11-2pm and you can try different choices and buy fresh cheese that you like. They also have Yoghurt and chocolate was for sale as well. Foremost they use fresh milk and ingredients and they have a very welcoming modern tasting kitchen. Cheese together with bread and jam is being served and you can try whatever you want.

The range of Cheese varies from Feta to Manchego, over Tomme to Pecorino and Hallumni to Ricotta… Depending on the season and the lactation cycle you will find different products made by Nisreen who puts all her love into the cheese making. Staff is friendly and welcoming and it is definitively worth checking it out if you like cheese.

Also, the products are being packed in the right paper with minimum plastic. Yogurt is sold in reusable glasses with a deposit so you can return them the next time. Everything together then goes in a plastic bag. Prices are fair considering that dairy products, in general, are pretty pricey in Jordan.

I can only recommend Mistaka and will come back for sure to try other types of cheese. Also see here for other articles on Local Food.

For more info see theirĀ Facebook Site

Amman, Jordan

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