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Wine in Jordan? That does not necessarily sound like a match as Jordan is known for its water scarcity rather than it is for wine drinking. Anyway, you are probably wrong.

Some days ago I went to JR Wines at Abdali Boulevard for a Wine Experience and it was an experience indeed, and a good one. It is a mid-size Wine Tasting facility with seats inside (non-smoking) and a place outside, right on the Boulevard. The interior such as tables, walls, and glass for the wine cellar are all made from Jordanian resources. Being one of the oldest companies in the kingdom, the Haddad family does not only operate the Eagle distillery, well known for its selection of Arak, but also other import businesses and Jordan River Wines. When walking inside, the story of the family and its company is displayed in nice photos next to the great interior design.

The selection at the JR Wine Experience

I was offered to encounter the JR Wine Experience. You get the chance to try three different wines from their vast collection. They have white ones, red ones, and rosé. From Shiraz over Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot and different qualities/ages from Classic over Reserve to Limited that are one of the best wines Jordan has to offer. Some of their wines also have been recognized internationally and won awards in France, Germany, Australia, UK or the US alike. While trying different wines I was offered a cheese platter and a basket of bread.

Wine and Cheese
Wine and Cheese – photo by JR Wines

While enjoying the different wines that were all of great quality, more and more customers came by. The staff of JR Wine is knowledgeable and very friendly. They can answer questions and recommend some wine depending on your taste and wishes. During the evening we moved outside to the terrace enjoying the sunset while being served a platter of cold cuts.

Whether you live in Amman or are only here for a few hours, a few days, I can only recommend to try out the JR Wine Experience. I will definitively join one of their upcoming tours to learn more about the vineyard, the winery, and their products.

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