Gasable – an App for Gas Delivery

Even for ordering Gas there is an app. If it is really useful, find out in my review. Most people probably order it through their guard. You can also do it yourself directly if you have the guys number that delivers in your area. Of course, when you hear the popular melody you can just go onto the street or shout from the balcony or whatever to draw attention. The price for the gas is currently fixed at 7 JD, see my article on Renting a Place & Utilities. Now there is also an app, which is really simple in design and usage as you can only order gas. It is free to use.

You log in with your telephone number and then submit your address and order a new gas bottle. You will be notified about the different steps such as order received, confirmed, on the way and delivered. However, my order was confirmed the next day and 3 seconds after that I received a call asking where I live.

Luckily, my wife speaks Arabic so she could explain. The guy came fairly quickly and everything was OK although in the app the status is still shown as not delivered. So, for expats who don’t speak sufficient Arabic, I don’t see any advantage of using this app as you still have to clarify with a third party where you live and also confirmation was just too shortly before he actually comes leaving no room for preparation.

Overall – it works – but it is not something that makes your life so much easier I would say. If you want to – feel free to check for yourself. More info below

Gasable Website
Gasable on Facebook
Gasable on Instagram
Gasable on App Store
Gasable on Play Store

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Amman, Jordan

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