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Shrubs is a Restaurant and Bar at the same time. The atmosphere at Shrubs is really nice. It is not too big and not too small. Space is separated into two rooms more or less. One is the main room with the bar and another one next to it, while it is open at the same time. The decor is authentic and not too modern or too old school. They integrated the trees and kept the original walls in the middle between the rooms. The bar looks nice too and has, like many other places, vintage light bulbs hanging from above. However, I really like that design as it is cozy and welcoming.

During the week Shrubs is a very relaxed place to have some drinks after work. It is not too crowded but you are not alone either. They have a huge selection of drinks, from Whiskey over Vodka and several beers. You might enjoy their happy hour from 5-8 PM daily. Besides the drinks, they offer some nice snacks and main dishes as well. From burgers over steak to seafood there is something for every taste.

On Friday I went to one of their events which featured local musicians and was promoted by the Vodka Brand Ketel One with their own stand. Guests had a great time and moved to the grooves which were a mix of dance music accompanied with funky guitars. Shrubs hosts local bands and talents on a regular basis.


In the meantime, we were sitting at the bar and enjoying excellent cocktails. The Shrubs special cocktails were made by their great bartenders adding the ingredients with style and passion serving us “Cherry on Top” or “RazShrubbery” while we are disguising ourselves with the mustache coasters. I liked that we were asked if we liked our drinks if we wanted something else or even to alter our drinks if we were not satisfied. All of the cocktails were very nice except the last one, which had too much coconut for my taste. But the team is knowledgeable and made sure we enjoyed our drinks.

Shrubs is located between 3rd and 4th circle right around the corner of Yoshi, Ren Chai and Lucca Steak House near all the hospitals. They opened in August this year and certainly deserve their spot in Amman’s nightlife scene. Look out for their events.
For more info see below.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: In Summer the roof of the main room can be opened
Location: Right around the corner of Yoshi/Ren Chai, between 3rd and 4th circle next to the hospitals

Shrubs is now Fellows

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Amman, Jordan

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