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Petra is known as one of the seven world wonders. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. But have you heard of Petra Beer before? Maybe, maybe not. I got in contact with their marketing and they got back to me with an awesome gift of a retro Petra Beer sign, coasters, glasses, and – most importantly – a mixed collection of their beers. I decided to dedicate an article to them since, as most expats probably know, there is only a small selection of beers available in Jordan. However, Petra Beer Jordan added significantly to that not long ago.

I am not a Beer Sommelier or even a beer tester, but being a German and growing up there, I am certainly well acquainted with beer. We do have so many different breweries, smaller ones, bigger ones, and all kinds of beers and I like to try something new, especially from local breweries wherever I am.

About Petra Beer

Petra Beer Jordan was spun off under the roof of the same group, that introduced Amstel to Jordan in 1958. Since 1964 Petra Beer has been brewing Lager. It used to be a strong beer for many years and not so much of my taste.

However, Petra Beer got a total makeover last year with new beers, as well as a new look. The refreshed brand with the new Lager, Weizen, and Amber, in addition, is a great addition to Jordan’s relatively small beer scene. They mainly use local ingredients and therefore worked together with a small Jordanian agency (ABNO) for the revamp of the design and packaging.

Petra Draught Beers

The Beers from Petra Beer Jordan

The Petra Lager is a good tasting beer but I have to admit that Lagers are not my favorite type of beer. It has a nice golden color and it goes down smoothly, it’s not bitter or boring. With its 5%, it has an average amount of alcohol. However, there is an 8% and 10% version of the Lager available.

Petra Lager
Petra Lager

Petra Weizen is a wheat malt beer and is brewed using wheat malt, dried orange peel, and actual coriander seeds. Typically for a Weizen, it is unfiltered, so it has a hazy look. Since I do really like Weizen beer, this hits more my tasting buds than the Lager. I cannot confirm to be able to taste coriander but it has a nice fresh taste that reminds me of the German Shoefferhofer Weizen and it is not too heavy, so it also goes along with food. If the were only were the 0.5 L Weizen beer glasses for this one…

Petra Weizen
Petra Weizen

Petra Amber is also very much to my taste. It has interesting flavors without being too strong in any direction. It has aromas and tasting notes of dried apricot and cinnamon because the barley malt is roasted. Nothing else is added, though. Apparently, the more you roast the malt, the more you get aromas of dark fruits hence a darker beer color. The Amber is really great since it is a unique beer with nice taste. It goes great with chips, nuts, or other snacks.

Petra Amber
Petra Amber


Petra Beer is a really nice addition to the other beers available in Jordan, especially since it is locally brewed. All three beers are nice with the Weizen being my favorite closely followed by the Amber. It is widely available in the liquor stores and on tap at the places listed below, with more to come, according to Petra Jo. I am also planning of writing more about some of them in the near future, so stay tuned.

1) Chestnut
2) Murphy’s House of Rock
3) Cinco de Mayo at InterContinental Hotel
4) Dubliners
5) Dubliners Dead Sea
6) Café de Paris
7) Brick Lane
8) Pit Stop
9) Maestro
10) La Calle Rainbow Street
11) Corners Pub
12) V Lounge at Crowne Plaza Hotel
13) Black Iris
14) Copas Central
15) Jar’D
16) Snug
17) Rustic
18) Uncle Sam
19) Chaos
20) Pints
21) Bonita
22) Champions at Marriott Amman
23) Amigo
24) Somewhere Else
25) Prego
26) Buffalo Wings N’ Rings (Abdoun and Khalda)
27) The Nub
28) The Good Pub
29) Rovers Return Amman
30) Rovers Aqaba
31) Kempinski Aqaba
32) InterContinental Aqaba
33) Movenpick Tala Bay Aqaba
34) Shrubs – (now Fellows)
35) The pitmaster

For more on Petra Beer, see below:

Petra Beer Jordan on Facebook
Petra Beer Jordan on Instagram

Finally, have a look at a short video of their Relaunch Party

Thx much to Petra Beer Jordan for the nice gift package they provided me – Cheers!

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