Portico Resto Pub

Portico Resto Pub is a relatively new Venue in Webdeh. They opened last winter and have a large dance floor indoor, where they can host parties or bands and also have a lovely terrace where you can enjoy Drinks and Snacks in a Tropical themed garden setting. Right at the National Gallery of fine Arts, they have an excellent location.

They had a few events with bands but during Ramadan it was a bit quieter of course. I am sure now from Eid on, there will be plenty of events and great summer nights. You can enjoy some typical bar food. They have a couple of salads, cold and hot starters as well as pizza and a few main dishes. We went with a few friends and tried the veggie heaven, the Rocca Salad, another Salad, Chicken Strips and Spicy Chicken Wings. For me their Rocca Salad and Chicken Strips were nice. The spicy chicken wings were a bit too spicy and the raisins on the salad seemed a bit hard. Veggie Heaven and dips were nice though and Lemon and Nana was good, too. For now, they have a smaller menu for soft opening and will add more on the go. They have Amstel and Carakale on draft.

I haven’t experience it at night, yet, so can’t tell you much about the atmosphere, but assume it is a relaxed spot to hangout. The food is not a culinary highlight but OK. The venue is great, staff was friendly and the location is really excellent. You can check the prices on the picture of the menu.

Thx much to Portico for inviting us!

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor Terrace
Location: in Webdeh right at the Gardens of the National Gallery of Arts

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Husni Fareez St., Amman, Jordanien

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