HQ Resto Pub

HQ Resto Pub is a Pub with indoor and outdoor seating between the 1st and 2nd circle in Amman. HQ Resto Pub opened last summer and now happily serves its customers nice drinks and food in a lovely outdoor atmosphere. I liked the vibes even on a Tuesday evening and the audience was nice. Seating and location are great and therefore an inviting setting.

Food and Drinks

We got a Veggie Platter and ordered some drinks. We decided on Gin with lemon and cucumber, which was pretty cool. After that, we had the Sea Food Platter and I still want to believe that it was the full one, not the half as it was massive. The platter was a combination of calamari, dynamite shrimps, battered fish sticks, some bell peppers, and a selection of dips together with fries. It is a great choice if you share with friends who like seafood. Although pretty stuffed after that, we went for stuffed chicken and the Sujuk Fukhara with pomegranate juice. The chicken was filled with different kinds of cheese and spinach was great and I really enjoyed the Sujuk although maybe a bit too sweet.

Summary of HQ Resto Pub

I found the range of food not very unique as it seemed to be similar to other places. The quality however was very good and we also enjoyed some good cocktails. I found HQ a good place to hang out with some friends and they also serve great bar food. The music is a bit loud if you intend to have deep conversations. Other than that I am looking forward to coming back soon. Currently, they have a discount of 25% as an HQ Happy Hour from 2 till 7 pm. Thx much to HQ Resto Pub for hosting us.

Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor during Summer, Indoors during Winter
Location: between 1st and 2nd circle, close to the Iraqi embassy

For more info see their
Facebook Page

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