Lucca Steak House

If you are looking for delicious Steaks and quality meat in a nice atmosphere, while being served by friendly staff, then Lucca Steak House is your choice. I went there recently again, and everything was great. They have a huge but cozy winter garden/terrace with a real-size fake cow in the middle. The tables are made of huge solid wood slices and have individual shapes. Inside you will find more comfortable seating, a meat counter, a private VIP room and a wine room. All staff was attentive and very welcoming awaiting to surprise you.

We chose the Cesar Salad and grilled shrimps for starters and the Lucca Special and a Rib-Eye Steak as main dish. The great thing about Lucca is, that some dishes are made live at your table, so you do not just have yummy food but can enjoy an experience that is unlike in any other restaurant in Amman. The sauce for the Cesar Salad was prepared in a wooden bowl using mustard, an egg and several spices, see the video below. It was as yummy as it looks, topped with bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese.

The grilled shrimp in garlic sauce were really tasty as well and we were ready for the main dishes. These were short of nothing. We decided to take grilled vegetables as side dish for the Lucca Special and the Rib-Eye Steak. The Lucca Special was another highlight, where the thin meat slices were kissed by flames, seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon, and served with rocca and baguette. The Rib-Eye Steak came with spinach and french fries.

All the meat tastes delicious and the grilled vegetable platter was excellent as the veggies are just slightly grilled, have a touch of BBQ flavor and are still a bit crispy. The Rib-eye was so yummy that I just had to finish it although it is massive in size. All in all, it was a great dinner. You can really relax and enjoy your time at Lucca Steak House. Their menu offers a great choice of diverse but meat centered food which can be enjoyed with high quality wines if you like. Staff is ensuring you have an excellent time while not pushing on anything. Actually, they have been very helpful in making suggestions and offering an insight to the restaurant’s menu. Prices are more on the upper end but represent what you get for it. And there are some cheaper dishes as well.

I would like to express my gratitude to Lucca Steak house for inviting¬† me and my family for this lovely dinner occasion. We will come back for sure. I nearly forgot the dessert… Mouthwatering ice cream in a dough topped with Pasticcio….


Shisha: No
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor Terrace
Location: between 3rd and 4th circle between the hospitals and the French embassy

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Amman, Jordanien

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