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About the artist

Eyad Al-Masri, is a Jordanian artist and associate professor, born in Ramtha, North Jordan. He was a warded a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University in 1987, a Masters Degree in Archaeology from Yarmouk University in 1991 and a PhD in Arts History from University of Baghdad, Iraq 1997.

His paintings therefore combine knowledge and influences from these different disciplines. They are are interesting creations using a unique approach.  A colorful palette and showing symbols from various Epoche and Geographic locations. Looking at his artworks, you will witness a time travel through Middle Eastern history, discovering influences from Sumerian, Nabateaen, Egyptian and many other people’s history. This, in combination with background and vast knowledge of Archaeology, Anthropology and Art history, he crafts unique pieces in his very own way.

Eyad Almasri’s artworks

In his home you can view the beauty of many of his artworks. They are all done using a specific process of different steps. He chooses wood for his pieces, then applies resin and later stucco. After that he first draws and then carves his image into the wood, before using acrylic or oil colors to paint his artworks. The pictures show different symbols such as coins, tools, signs of fertility or zodiac signs. Al-Masri combines this together with symbols of different ages or geographical locations. When I saw the pictures, I immediately fell in love with his artworks. Some of them have been showcased in numerous exhibitions and some are showed in museums in Jordan, Kuwait or the US.

In recent years, the artworks became more colorful, but they still have a unique touch and are recognizable as Eyad Al-Masri’s work. The color palette is true to his style and usually combines some earth tones from yellow, beige, red, brown with some blue, turquoise and green tones.

How to purchase Eyad Al-Masri’s artworks

Occasionally, he hosts events, where you can view and purchase his artworks. You also can at anytime contact him to make an appointment to view his pieces. He lives in Khalda, Amman. After my first visit, I decided for three pieces which I can now call my own. I encourage you to have a look at his artworks in his home, where you will also find some Syrian Chests, using Mother of Pearl or other decoration items from the Middle East.

If you are interested in his pieces, feel free to contact Dr. Eyad Al-Masri at 079 962 5837.
For Facebook see here.

Artwork - Eyad Al-Masri
Me and the Artist (Eyad Al-Masri) in front of his Artworks

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