Talabat Jordan – an App for Food Delivery

About Talabat Jordan

Talabat Jordan is an app that allows you to order food online, for delivery in Amman and Irbid. Initially developed in Jordan, it now belongs to Delivery Hero and operates in several Arabic countries. Currently, they cover the delivery of food of several hundred restaurants in Amman. You can find all types of outlets from the small shawarma shop around the corner to Indian, Italian, Asian food. You will find well known international fast-food chains as well as coffee houses. The app is available for iOS and Android and works very well. You can also use the Talabat Website to order, and besides food, you can find flowers and a few other items.

How the Talabt App works

I knew about the Talabat App for some time before I tried it. Mostly we cook at home. However, with work and little kids and the Winter around the corner, I think I will appreciate food delivery from time to time. Ordering food online is also a nice alternative for the occasional office lunch. Signing up is quick and easy and in no time you are ready for your first order. Once you set up your profile, you are all set. It is easy to set up multiple addresses and a credit card for online payment.

After selecting an address, you have various restaurants available that you can order from. If you select Talabat Go, the app filters restaurants that offer delivery directly through Talabat for a low fee as 0.5 JD. You can also browse certain cuisines such as Italian, Arabic, look for offers, healthy food, newly added, or free delivery. That really facilitates the search and gives you plenty of ways to find your lunch, snack, or dinner. From time to time Talabat runs offers such as the pizza week or shawarma week with great discounts from different vendors.

Similar to other shopping apps, you add items to your basket, can edit or delete and then go to your basket, once you are done with selection. From the basket, you can choose the delivery time (now or a defined time later), select a payment option, and also tick to make your delivery more eco-friendly by disregarding cutlery, which is a thoughtful add-on. I chose credit card payment and after confirming my online payment in my banking app, I was directly referred back to Talabat.

Ordering and Delivery through Talabat Jordan App

Finally, you confirm your order and the app keeps you up-to-date with online tracking of your order through the app and via email, in case you chose Talabat GO. Step by step you can see when your order was placed, is being processed, left the restaurant, and is delivered. Of course, at peak times it takes a while but in general, food arrived in less than 45 minutes after ordering.

Most of the time, the driver was already at the door, when asking to open the door and I did not have to give directions again. Sometimes though they contact you to ask for the address. Usually, food arrives hot, packed in isolation boxes for delivery. The drivers are friendly and so far I only had positive experiences, except for some waiting time. I am sure this can be improved. All in all, Talabat is a great app for food delivery in Amman. I like the vast choice of vendors with different kinds of cuisines. For more information and to download the app, see the links below. Thanks to Talabat for partnering up on this with me.

Play Store

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