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About Kama Local – Gourmet Foods made in Jordan

Kama Local creates wonderful food items including some well-known Jordanian specialties as well as a range of unique gourmet products. Their products are of the highest quality and sourced in Jordan. Kama Local offers a selection of spices, olive oil, pickled Zatar, Makdous well as ma’amoul or seasoned thins. Further, all their products come in very elegant packing.

Not long after I stumbled upon Kama Local’s Instagram page, I decided to visit their shop in Amman. Immediately, I fell in love with the presentation and the type of food they offer. Without hesitation, I bought a jar of Makdous, small eggplants with chili pickled in olive oil. When I tried these, I was sure, I need to try the other delicacies, too. Last week, I received a lovely mix of different products of their Jordanian food delights.

Products – Made in Jordan

Kama Local works with high-quality farmers from Jordan in order to provide the best gourmet food for their customers. After sourcing the finest ingredients they produce delicious spices, pickles, olive oil ,and different types of molasses. If you are familiar with the Levantine cuisine, you will probably know how to incorporate these ingredients. However, for the others, let me shed some light on a few of these.

Bottles Jordanian Olive Oil at Kama Local in Amman.

Of course, our products reveal more than just the diverse flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine: they tell stories of people, places, and traditions, spanning back countless generations. The heritage of the region is interwoven with fragrant spices and decadent dishes, and by sharing these wonderful tastes with the world, we hope to remind people – both inside and outside the Middle East – of the way food unites us all.

Za’atar w Zeit – Spices from Jordan

Za’atar w Zeit

Za’atar w Zeit literally means Thyme and Oil. It is very popular in Jordan and usually served for breakfast.

Usually the thyme is mixed with other spices, including salt and sesame. You can either dip with a piece of bread into the olive oil and the Za’atar or you season your Manakeesh with it.

My favorite Manakeesh is actually topped with a combination of zatar and cheese. The result is a really yummy taste sensation.

Debes w Tahini – Pomegranate Molasses and Tahini

Debes w Tahini

Another must-try is “Debes w Tahini” or “Rashi Debes” as it is known in Iraq.

Kama Local does not just sell usual pomegranate molasses but also one mixed with peach. After trying this one, it was hard to stop.

To enjoy a Middle Eastern delicacy, you mix Date Molasses together with the Tahini, based on your taste. Then you can either dip in or spread it on bread. It is such a yummy treat.

Kama Local – Gift Boxes and Hampers

Gift Boxes and Hampers

Founded in 2013 Kama Local proudly offers gift boxes in elegant packaging. There a lot of combinations such as the above-shown box with olive oil and soap. Additionally, they sell packages with za’atar and zeit, debes w tahini, or olive oil and gift pack. Beyond that Kama Local has larger hampers in store. These are filled with a selection of products, such as olive oil, spices, pickles, and thins in one package.

Kama Local Stores in Jordan and Online

Showroom in Amman

The main location of Kama Local is their showroom in Amman, close to the 5th circle. This is the store I visited and you can directly buy their products from them. Furthermore, they sell their full range of products at Queen Alia Airport, North Gate. Hence, a perfect location, if you looking into bringing some Jordanian gifts abroad. Finally, Kama Local has an online shop. That gives you the ease of shopping from home while choosing to pay via PayPal or cash on delivery.


Obviously, I haven’t tried all their products, yet but what I tried tasted really good. I enjoyed the Pomegranate Peach Molasses and the Tahini very much. I would love to sample the thins and their ma’amoul as well. They also create soap, which might be interesting. The quality of everything is high end and also the packaging is very appealing. Therefore, Kamal Local products are also priced at the upper range. Nevertheless, if you want to treat yourself, or are looking for a neat gift, then Kama Local has surely something in store for you.

For further information on their story, products, and prices, make sure to visit their stores, website, and social media profiles. In the future, you might also have the possibility of seeing Kamal Local at the Amman Design week or Amman food week.
I would also like to thank the Kama Local family for providing me with an excellent selection of their products.



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