The oasis by the Dead Sea – Al Numeira Environmental Association

I would like to share a discovery I made lately in Jordan, while I was touring around the country with my parents who came for visit.

20180430_130433As we were driving on the Dead Sea Road on our way back to Amman from Dana Reserve, I remembered a place I had seen several times before by this road and that seemed very interesting… This time, we stopped by and entered to find an oasis of shades!


This place, a Café/community center/farm/training center, is part of the Al Numeira Environmental Association, Nea Nea Nea, a great project combining sustainable agriculture (permaculture) and alternative tourism in an unexpected place, at the Southern tip of the Dead Sea.
Passed the tourist hotels when coming from Amman – in a place where one usually drives through wondering how people can stand the burning sun or how can anything grow sustainably- you can find everything you need there: shades, a fresh drink, cozy pallet couches and most importantly passionate and welcoming people, willing to talk about the project. They are raising awareness on environmental issues such as water scarcity and promoting sustainable agriculture and efficient use of water resources among the local communities. The products they grow next to the Café are intended to benefit the communities in the first place but can also be picked directly from the fields by any visitor curious enough to exchange a little bit with William, the initiator of the project, or with other people helping out.
They also offer biking and hiking tours for locals and tourists around the area, focusing on the issue of water use and sustainability.

20180430_132135So next time you drive on the Dead Sea road, do not hesitate to stop at NEA and chat with the volunteers, who will be glad to tell you more about it!

You can also visit their website (Homepage NEA) and/or follow them on Facebook.
I can only recommend it and pass on their message. Moreover, this place is a perfect spot for a break after a hike through one of the wadis, before heading back to Amman!

NEA on Google Maps: NEA


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