WashyWash – an App for an eco-friendly Dry-cleaning Service

WashyWash is an App that allows you to order an eco-friendly Drycleaning Service. Your clothes will be picked up and delivered to your doorstep while being cleaned in an environmentally friendly way.

I stumbled upon the app while reviewing other apps and also saw a booth from WashyWash at the farmers market. I then decided to give it a try and write a review for the blog. Read on for the process and screenshots of the app as well the costs and the quality of the services WashyWash provides.

Download and install went smooth. When you open the app, you can choose whether to wash and iron, iron only and wash & fold. There are subcategories for Bottoms, dresses or tops and then you select the items to add them to the basket. There is a huge range of items from trousers, over jeans to strass dresses and shorts. So it should be possible to find what you have. There are also offers if you have for example 5 shirts at a time. You can then review your order, apply a promo code, if you have and then choose your payment option and submit. I decided to pay cash on delivery. Before you also choose your location, which worked without problems as in apps like Uber. You can also save it and use it for the next order.

There was a small discrepancy as my promo voucher was not accepted and although free delivery was indicated in my order confirmation, the price was higher than expected. I contacted WashyWash through the App and they immediately called me back. I explained the situation and they corrected the offer.

The pickup was scheduled for the next day May 22nd between 4-6. You will be offered time slots of 2-3 hours. Now in Ramadan, they slightly differ from the usual hours. I got a push notification that I should get my clothes ready to be picked up as the driver is on his way. At 5 pm he called to tell me he is there. He came up to the 1st floor with a jute bag and I put my clothes inside. Next day I received a Push notification plus SMS that my clothes arrived and are happy to be there 😉

Two days later May 24th my clothes should be delivered back to our home during the same time slot from 4 -6 PM. The driver was on time again and the clothes were perfectly fine. As I only went for ironing I cannot speak for all their services, but what I tried went really well.

The app is straightforward, sign up is easy, selection of items is easy and can also be skipped, drivers were punctual and everything was done according to my order. Two items are packed together in a biodegradable bag and the shirts have this little paper thing to make the collar straight. Not really necessary in my opinion but OK. The price is reasonable once you get above 10 JD for your order, as you don’t have to pay for delivery. Then it comes pretty much close to the same price as the local dry cleaner nearby. If you rather want your stuff to be picked up and don’t mind that you have to define a 2-hour time slot, then WashyWash is an excellent service as you also save the environment.

For information and a video, see the links below.

WashyWash Website

WashyWash Facebook
WashyWash Instagram
WashyWash Twitter

WashyWash GooglePlay
Washywash AppStore

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