Amman Citadel – Video

Last week on my birthday I went to the Citadel in Amman to shoot a video. Yesterday, I was finally able to finalize it and I am happy to share the result with you now. The Amman Citadel one of the highlights that you can visit during your Amman visit. From the citadel you have wonderful views of Amman Downtown. There are ruins of the Hercules temple, the cistern the Ummayad palace and the site features a museum as well.

It is a great spot in the city as you can freely walk around and have a 360 degree view from the hill. You can see the Roman Theater, the Raghdan flagpole and the skyscrapers in Abdali. It is also great for families as kids can walk around without having to look for cars or anything. I always advise new visitors, tourists or friends to take their time to go to the Amman Citadel.

For more information on moving to Amman see The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Jordan. If you want to orientate yourself have a look at How to get around in Amman and Jordan. You also might like my video of the Helicopter Flight over Amman with GEAA.

K. Ali Ben Al-Hussein St. 146, Amman, Jordanien

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