Musikgarten at Haya Cultural Center

I have written already something about Haya Cultural Center in my guide about Where to go with Kids in Amman, but mainly focused on the outside playground and neglected the various activities that take place there. The building itself is really beautiful and it showcases a lot of the art that has been created there, mainly by the children who attend their activities such as pottery, painting, music, and dance or cooking.


Musikgarten is one of the activities offered by Mai Hajjara. It is addressed at young children between 1.5 and 3.5 years. It gives them the chance to explore their musicality in a playful way. The concept follows a well-developed approach combing movement, singing, and trying out different musical instruments. The parents are with the kids who then dance or move to songs in English while Mai is singing with an enthusiastic and engaging voice. Being a professional musician, who studied the double bass and who played in the Jordan National Orchestra as well as being a mom, she is well qualified for the Musikgarten. The children needed some time to get used to the new faces but seemed to enjoy the combination of body movements and singing along. While some like to dance, others like to sing and others prefer to try out the instruments. This is a great way for your children to get in contact with the different forms of art and music.


The Musikgarten started on December 15th and will be held every Saturday from 3.30 to 4.30 PM until the 26th of January at Haya Cultural Center in Shmesani. The price for all sessions is 80JD. Make sure to also check out the various other activities at HCC. While the website is mainly in Arabic, there is plenty of information on Facebook, Instagram and you can also pick up some flyers at their reception.

Toddler 8

More on Musikgarten
Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education offering a complete multi-year educational program that helps infants, toddlers, and children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it.

Through Age-specific Curricula Musikgarten offers instruction which is just right for each age level – Beginning simply with singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, we add levels of complexity as the children grow, expanding the singing repertoire, teaching more complex dances, and building instrumental ensembles.

Today there are hundreds of Musikgarten studios in North America. Additionally, the Musikgarten curricula have been adapted and are used extensively in several foreign countries, including Germany, Malaysia, Korea, China, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, and Taiwan

For more information on the Haya Cultural Center and Musikgarten, see below.

A big thanks to Mai Hajjara for having me.

HCC Website (Arabic)
HCC on Facebook
HCC on Instagram

Musikgarten on Facebook

Haya Cultural Center, الشميساني-شارع الأمير شاكر بن زيد-بجانب، Amman, Jordan

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